Why Would Anyone Ever Trust the Bidens with $50 Billion in Ukraine?

Gateway Pundit – by Joe Hoft

Yesterday Joe Biden asked for another $33 billion for Ukraine. Despite the US economy under Biden falling apart, Biden’s gang wants to send $33 billion to Ukraine.  This is on top of another $20 or so billion already allocated to the country and sent to God knows where.

We reported ten days ago that it looks like around $20 billion has already been sent to Ukraine from the Biden gang.  Of course, we have no idea where this money went or what actually made it to who in Ukraine.

We also know that the Biden family made millions in Ukraine and when a prosecutor looked into it, he was fired.  Within hours after Joe Biden threatened the country to stop the prosecutor’s investigation into the company that Biden’s son Hunter was working for, the prosecutor was let go.

Yesterday Biden was calling for another $33 billion for Ukraine.  This is so much money.  Crooked politicians pass this money around like candy.  This batch will make it over $50 billion to Ukraine in a couple of months.  But where will it really go?

Conservative Treehouse reported on Biden’s White House Press Secretary’s response to questions about the $33 billion that Biden is now asking for.  When asked about what is considered a success in Ukraine, Jen Psaki could not provide an answer.

When asked why the US should be paying pensions of Ukrainian citizens, Psaki made up some bogus answer. The US economy is in shambles because of this administration but Biden wants to send billions to Ukraine? Will any money actually reach any people in Ukraine or will it end up like it apparently always has, in the hands of corrupt politicians and their families like the Bidens?

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