A New Call for One Party Rule

The mainstream propagandists are reporting that there is a new call for one party rule in Washington DC to help the economy.  This statement really took me aback as it is my understanding that there is already one party rule in Washington DC for the economy, and that party would be the Zionist party, who has turned our economy and the wealth of our country over to the Israelis.

I have always wondered just what statements the international insurgents would be making as they incrementally declared the final stages for their dictatorship.

Hillary Clinton referred to the US government just the other day as a “regime” as she laughed while discussing an invasion into the sovereign country of Iran.  But then the insurgents always laugh when they’re discussing the tyranny they are inflicting upon others.  What is that old saying?  “He who laughs last, laughs loudest” and we the people have not laughed in a very long time.  But our turn is coming.

The actors pretending to be our government are trying with all their might to stay on script, but every once in a while, when they are discussing the fact that we are rejecting them as they are being exposed, their true feelings are revealed.

When you see a panel of these elitist propagandists discussing some action we have taken that has hurt them and caused them problems, turn the volume down and watch closely.  I even go as far as to pause the video and move it frame by frame.  If you do the same you will see still frames wherein the hate, anger, and fear on their faces are blatantly obvious.

These people are traitors and they are diabolical, but they are by no means stupid.  They understand what the consequences are going to be when we the people rise up and take back our country and start dispensing justice.  They have been told that they are safe.  And they want to believe it, but deep down inside they realize the truth via the math.

We, the armed American people, represent the largest army to ever exist on Planet Earth.  All the other armies of the world pale in insignificance by comparison.  We also have a $5.5 trillion nuclear arsenal that is our real property.  When we use our numbers to regain control, that arsenal guarantees that all the countries and peoples on Planet Earth combined cannot conquer us.  The best that can be accomplished against us is an absolute annihilation of the planet wherein nobody wins.

This is the reality of the situation.  Our enemies know it and fear it above all other things.  Once we take the upper hand and the insurgents are forced to flee, there will be no place on this planet where they can hide and no country will risk our wrath to protect them.  They will be tried, convicted, and then paraded before the people as their punishment is met out.

This is the cause of the hate and fear that is displayed in the freeze frames.  If you doubt what I am saying, start experimenting and you will see it for yourself.  We are going through some hard times, but take heart in the realization that those who have brought this misery upon us are living in fear in knowing that the death they have been planning for us, we have likewise been planning for them and we outnumber them ten thousand to one.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

16 thoughts on “A New Call for One Party Rule

  1. Boomer

    A winter wind upon us,
    crystal, chilled silk bones.
    Lust no lonely orphan,
    in manufacture of our groans.
    Joys of youth, sands of time,
    pass slowly through the crack.
    Aged genie, trapped in a bottle,
    life’s set, fades gently to black.
    Material gain, material loss,
    get George Foreman’s grills.
    Magnetized cards, late night orders,
    storage lockers, filled to the gills.
    Broken families, raised by a village,
    perhaps battered by a spouse.
    Credit floats the whole generation,
    everything riding on the house.
    From the bottom of the barrel,
    looking up, from where one lay.
    Rot dreams of glorious youth,
    the price we were forced to pay.
    The barrel may be home or den,
    Hell takes any kind of shape.
    Looking up, from the bottom,
    it still feels mostly like a rape.
    Everyone may think us done,
    America remains, just a rumor.
    Who pulled down those towers,
    you’re nothing but a Boomer.

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  2. Dimwit

    Our mystic world of make-believe,
    childish echo of future power.
    Junior demons amongst the Bushes,
    the people continue to cower.
    You’d think with Bush the Elder,
    the world would have known.
    The fix was in; law was dead,
    back, when John’s head was blown.
    The Elder knows nothing of Dallas,
    The Idiot, “My Pet Goat”….
    Bodies piled, on bloody lies,
    neither Evil needed a vote.
    Corruption floats the unwashed masses,
    along a river of broken dreams.
    Hidden within screens of blue-plasma,
    and a people’s silent screams.
    We do not torture, we do not accept,
    the lies of effing’ liars.
    Think we’ll just accept them still,
    then build the midnight fires.
    It won’t be me, I hope not you,
    to accept this fringe bullshit.
    Because I know in a hundred years,
    I’ll not be known, a Fascist Dimwit

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  3. “Hillary Clinton referred to the US government just the other day as a “regime” as she laughed while discussing an invasion into the sovereign country of Iran.”

    Being the commie b#tch that she is, why wouldn’t she call a spade a spade?

    I’m out for the rest of the day. I’m at my brother’s house, in the DEAD ZONE. No cell phone OR internet access. Later.

  4. “The mainstream propagandists are reporting that there is a new call for one party rule in Washington DC to help the economy.”

    Wow. One party rule. That spells Communist China and North Korea right there in black and white. And I would know. I spent 5 years in China. Trust me. Having just one party is suicide for the people. These MSM reporters need to be sent to China and North Korea and then come back and see how they feel about a “One Party rule”. What a bunch of sick motherf**king bastards!

    1. Aw, come on now NC, a one party govt. means that they cannot blame the other for the others f**k ups. I`m just being a little sarcastic ya know. Kind of hung over ya know.hawhawhaw. The morning coffee is finally taking hold hehehe.

      1. Well one advantage, We’ll have again entertaining clapping concerts by the congress/senate members, like in the good old days of the doema, when not clapping long enough for Uncle Josef was good for a trip behind the barn or to the Gulag.

        1. Yea TranceAm, them polititions – no matter where they are from or what they represent – are all full of them selves, aren`t they. Ya cannot trust any of them for anything they say. They even got your number if ya vote.

        2. “We’ll have again entertaining clapping concerts by the congress/senate members”

          Reminds me of the line from Star Wars Episode III,

          “So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.” Natalie Portman as Padme in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

  5. Hillary Clinton is starting to look and act scary. I mean this woman has transformed into something scary. I think watching those seals supposedly shoot Osama Bin Laden on that 50 inch screen in the media room at the White House has re-arranged her physically in some way.

    One rule for this one party rule. No billionaires or millionaires allowed.

  6. When I first saw the video I completely missed the regime reference. I hadn’t finished up saying a string of profanities after listening to that hag cackling like a witch. And even if I heard it I wouldn’t have paid attention or just assumed it was a reference to Syria. But re-listening to it you are correct.

    They are both smart and stupid. Their arrogance contributes to their stupidity.

    And I second your last sentence HS

  7. “The mainstream propagandists are reporting that there is a new call for one party rule in Washington DC to help the economy.”

    Hey Henry, I’m curious. Who in the MSM actually called for a one party rule? I’d like to see that for myself. Not that I don’t believe you. I just want to hear it from the MSM for myself.

    1. It was on Fox News’ Cashin’ In on Saturday morning. There was a whole panel discussing the issue.
      I tried to find it on their website but had no luck. But I still have it recorded on my DVR if you would like to come by and watch it. Otherwise you are just going to have to take my word for it.

  8. This sounds a lot like what they did in the Republic of Rome (before the Caesars). In times of trouble (war) they would appoint a dictator to handle things quickly and efficiently without the Senators and Tribunes fighting over details, but they were honorable enough to step down after the trouble was dealt with, and their services were no longer needed.
    That is until Julius came along, and turned out to be as good a politician as he was a general, and worked to win the favor of the people so he could keep the title. He got what he deserved.

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