Wisconsin nursing home staff laid off for refusing COVID-19 vaccine

Milwaukee Journal

Employees at a Janesville nursing home risk losing their job if they do not take the COVID-19 vaccine, a policy that has caused outrage among many staff members.

Officials at Rock Haven, a Rock County-owned facility, issued a memo in December telling employees that the vaccine was “a requirement for all staff” and that employees who failed to get the vaccine would be laid off. A copy of the memo was obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel through an open records request.

According to the memo, a laid-off employee will not be eligible to return to work until they complete the two-dose vaccine regimen.

Rock Haven officials have taken a hard line on vaccination, employees say, despite some employees’ concerns about unknown long-term effects or worries about their pregnancy or their fertility.

Read the rest here: https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/2021/01/15/wisconsin-nursing-home-employees-laid-off-not-taking-covid-vaccine-rock-haven/4180247001/?fbclid=IwAR3AAm3cq84XYHDxs8dUd5DYk8fLD4KKd7DrpW9ZoIhJRNjwrFbkvVLEGEc

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin nursing home staff laid off for refusing COVID-19 vaccine

  1. It’s gonna come to the point where the people will have to ask themselves, “Which comes first? My job or my life?”

    1. Or if they all said no

      There wouldn’t be any open facility

      No money
      Eat the rich

      It can come down to them needing us more than we need them
      We just have to make it so

      1. If they all said no the admin would have no choice but to back off. If only individuals realized their power when they unite.

  2. When medical personnel realise these vaccines are dangerous and start refusing to take them themselves surely then they become morally obliged to refuse giving them to others.

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