The Word From the Trenches – June 2, 2017

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Archive: TWFTT 6-2-17

10 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – June 2, 2017

  1. finally I get summer! 88 right now going to 92 (hopefully) sun is out but of course there s that pesky 400 mph wind hahaha

  2. I will be listening to the archive because I couldn’t quite wake from my nap. I did hear bits and pieces, but eventually dozed back off.

  3. I have to share my gopher prank.
    They’ve been trying to set up shop under my containers.
    Two of them I already splattered.
    In fact it kind of looks like a modern art paint master piece on one side.
    But on the backside they dug another den with a big hole on the hill.
    So I usually just pick up a huge boulder and drop it over the hole. Just to screw up their day.

    So I go to pick up a boulder…and guess what was under it…
    A fricking bull snake.
    So I said…alright…fine.
    So I got my handicap pinchers and picked it up and put it in the gopher hole.
    I came back outside about 10 minutes later.
    Then I see this gopher hauling azz from the hole I dropped the snake into.
    I started verbally chastising him.
    I said…hey how did ya like that one..?
    Looks like the jokes on you huh..

    The gopher stood straight up on its hind legs and looked at me straight in the eyes sideways as I was laughing at him..

    I said…I told you guys to get out of here but you wouldn’t listen.
    Now I have to play hardball.
    It was like it new exactly what I was saying.
    I was laughing my azz off.

    I guess the moral of the story is…

    Gophers don’t take snakes very funny as a joke.
    But I think it did get the punchline.

    1. LOL. Remember about jokes, if it’s only fun/funny for one party it’s probably a good idea not to perform the joke.

      In your case, dealing with critters, this wisdom is easily dismissed.

    2. LOL! flee! you sound like me to ants, ghost ants, spiders,…,…!
      Now Hardball!
      *No remorse, (and no more capture and release!) specially for the smooshed recluse that bit me, bastard! Dead bastard!

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