“Work at Home” Jobs and their Negative Impact on Future Job Growth

jobsIf you have been searching for jobs these past six months or so, you’ve probably noticed an increasing amount of “Work at Home” jobs in the service sector. These are the kind of customer service and sales jobs that you would normally do at a call center, but now the companies are allowing you the ability to work at home on your own computer “for your convenience”.

It sounds great, as you don’t have to beat traffic to go to work, don’t have to put make-up on or dress appropriately, and you might even get in a few of your favorite shows here and there without anyone noticing between calls or even listen to your favorite music downloaded on your computer. What more can anyone ask for, right?  

But is it really “for your convenience”?

Well, after carefully analyzing it all, you might find this is just another way for the Fascist corporations to pass their accountability and risk over to YOU and also creates less jobs in the long run and only further increases unemployment.

Let me explain.

When you get hired for a “Work at Home” job, the first thing they want you to do is install a phone line in your house. Once again, it sounds fine at first until you find out that YOU have to pay for the installation, phone and fees up front. Most of the time, the company reimburses you, but of course, that takes time and chances are you won’t see that reimbursement until your first or second paycheck, which could be anywhere from two weeks to a month, if not longer. What about those people that barely have money to put food on the table each month? Are they going to want or be able to afford to put the money up front for a phone line, especially when it’s still the probationary period of employment? What if they don’t like the job? What if something happens and they are locked in a contract with the phone company or have to pay the charges if their work contract states that they have to pay for it all if they don’t get through the probationary period? Almost sounds like blackmail and extortion.

The second thing is the Internet connection. While most people have the Internet, there are many that live in their cars or in tent cities who don’t even have a computer or an Internet connection, even though they know how to use one and can do the job at the call center. Again, they are assuming that everyone have an Internet connection.

Just like assuming that everyone has an Internet connection to apply for a job online, they are evolving to the point where they are forcing everyone to work at home and assume everyone can work at home or that everyone has a home or a computer. What about those people that don’t have a computer but use their cell phones for Internet connections and email? So they can no longer work at a call center type job because they are forced to work at home and have a computer with Internet access and a phone line all out of their extra pocket in which they are barely making it on their own as it is?

The third thing is the accountability factor. Let’s say you have all of that equipment setup as well as the money to do it and have no problem with it and even have experience in working at home, then what happens when your connection goes down too many times or your computer needs fixing? You can’t just move to another desk with another computer like you do at a call center. At home, there’s just you and your computer and YOU are responsible for fixing it and for all of the charges that incur. All of this together, makes you look bad and unreliable and ruins your call scores and performance, thus putting you in a bad standing and possible disciplinary action.

In addition to that, what if the connection problem was on the company’s end, but they are saying it is on YOUR end and the company fires you? How do you prove that? If you get fired and sue them, you need proof, so you ask them for proof of their records. At that point, they can just as easily throw out their infamous “confidentiality clause” at you and the judge will most likely go in favor of the corporation and not you, as it was all stated in the “employment contract” that you signed. Worst case scenario, the corporation could probably even ask the judge to confiscate your computer, if they wanted to as well, since they can label the information on it as “company property” once you signed on with them.

What you are seeing here is the next stage in the evolution and dissipation of jobs from “going to work” to “working at home”. The risks are all taken away from the corporation and passed onto YOU, the employee. The “for your convenience” line is just another propaganda ploy or sales gimmick to get people onboard with it in order to limit the company’s liability and save them money.

Think about it. The CEO can stay at home and have video-conferencing meetings to his staff when he wants to speak with them. In the meantime, all his staff can be monitored from his computer, which means he can take the NSA and the extermination of the 4th Article to the Bill of Rights to an all new level. By signing and employment contract, he can have his network administrator track everything you are doing on your computer and could probably even turn on your camera without you knowing as well as open any personal files you may have all in the name of corporate security. It’s Big Brother Fascism. E-bay already has a user agreement that states that they have the right to track what’s on your computer to find out more about you when you try to apply for a job with them or when you are simply using their service. (See here)

Thus, if anything happens to them or the company, they can pass the blame onto you, fire you, make you pay for any damages that you may have had nothing to do with (worst case scenario) and then hire someone else. Zero risk and zero accountability for them, while they rape you of your labor and resources.

Furthermore, they don’t have to pay millions of dollars to rent a building, fill it with computers, pay the electric bill, nor hire a security guard to watch the place or even janitors to clean the facility. Eventually as time goes on, like all Communists or Fascists, they will slowly chip away at your reimbursement for the phone and Internet connection and just force you to pay for it all and make it your responsibility, thus eliminating that expense and saving the company money.

Finally, as evolution continues, we will even see these “Work at Home” jobs disappear in another decade or two (if the global economy even survives that long), as robots will be taking our “Work at Home” jobs in which they will only need to hire a mechanic to fix any robots with kinks in them, thus eliminating all business risk, accountability and expenses and making us humans, nothing but worthless-eaters.

Don’t think it will happen? Amazon is already establishing a robot workforce to handle their warehouses, as they say it is cheaper and more efficient than human labor. (See here)

So this is where we are headed folks. Our workforce and the amount of jobs available are quickly being dissolved by the elite and their corporate heads by design. Lately, all you see out there are call center jobs (which are becoming “Work at Home” jobs), manual labor jobs (which mostly cater to the illegal immigrants), insurance agent jobs (in which most cases, YOU are responsible for paying to learn and get the license, of course) and truck driving jobs. The rest are a few low paying retail jobs and some health and human resources jobs. That’s about it.

And since the “Work at Home” jobs can eventually consolidate the call center, insurance agent as well as the health and human resources jobs and a few of those low paying retail jobs, especially if all of those jobs are given to robots in the not so distant future, then that only leaves manual labor and truck driving jobs. Kinda limits your job options, now doesn’t it?

I don’t think it would be too hard for robots to do manual labor, but would you trust them to become truck drivers? Terminator anyone?


9 thoughts on ““Work at Home” Jobs and their Negative Impact on Future Job Growth

  1. And to top it off, most of those “work at home” ads are scams..and total BS

    my wife looked into this years ago..what a joke

  2. I work from home right now and love it. Flexible schedule and hours, weekly pay and no phone work at all. Yes a lot are scams but also a lot are not any more.
    I would not like to go back to a regular work grind.

    1. Could you give us a link? I would be interested in legitimate work at home positions that do not require phone work.

  3. I work “on” home. How does the author even suggest letting big corporations enslave us for the good of the 1% and that is good for us is well beyond me. My advice: quit your job, find a cheap home and buy it and start working on it. Get a greenhouse or 2 and start growing your “money”. Its a winning strategy, you think the price of tomatoes is going down? Kale? I still cannot fathom the mentality of someone paying 12-20k a year in property taxes for a home the bank owns that’s actually worth less than half what you owe on it. Instead of learning that new spreadsheet program for your “boss” learn to fix your own vehicle, then take that skill and fix your neighbors vehicles too. Buy a cheap welder and learn to weld. Diversify your income with web site building, selling garden vegetables, home improvements, ebay sales, grow herbs and make products with them, create art, etc… Be a producer instead of a consumer. You see them setting up the idiot “consumers” as people with no future rights. Buy your food from the farm, right now the farmers appreciate it but I fear soon they will have more demand than supply so you had better be one loyal customer. Vow to never collect any sort of g-ment or state assistance. I love the Republic and appreciate capitalism but that’s not what we have here anymore. I see the future as people who are far dumber than me telling me in great detail how I’m going to feed and care for these other people who are too dumb to take care of themselves.

  4. The author of this drivel is a moron. While there are a lot of “work from home” scams, there are plenty of legitimate companies who have work from home positions. Most people already have a phone and an internet connection, the company will now pay most, if not all, of your cable and phone bills. You do not have to commute, thereby saving wear and tear on your vehicle, cutting your gas costs and lessening the stress in your life. Working from home can be a great thing with the right company.

  5. Warn me about what exactly NC? I believe I clearly stated that there are good work from home jobs available, you get a computer from the company and the company pays your phone and cable bill. You do not have to drive 20, 30, 30 miles or more each way to work and back through traffic snarls. You are actually making more than the same position with the same pay where you have to commute to work each day. We have people here who work from home, they get a free laptop for their use, free phone line, free internet and none of the costs and trouble of driving back and forth to an office.

  6. I worked my ass off selling on FeeBay for over three years, sometimes 16 or more hours a day! I agree NC. In the end they destroyed many lives with their constant fee hikes and policy changes, left sellers no alternative but to either close shop or pass a redicoulus 10% final sale fee by pretty much cheating it out of buyers. Paypal also charged huge fees for their services and did nothing to protect sellers from fraud! In the end all I did was line the owners and shareholders pockets!! I went back to my trade happily after that b*ll shit, happy to work a 40 hour week. Thanks for the article.

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