ZeroEyes secures patent for AI-based gun detection methodology

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ZeroEyes, a Montgomery County firm that created a proactive AI-based gun detection video analytics platform, has been issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

ZeroEyes has received the patent for its method of identifying brandished guns and dispatching alerts to first responders — as fast as 3 to 5 seconds from the moment the gun is detected. The company, headquartered in Whitemarsh Township, also holds the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designation.

The Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 20200364468 for ZeroEyes’ system, which performs real-time analytics on a live video stream, according to a press release. It includes a training database populated with frames of actual videos of guns taken in relevant environments across diverse industries.

ZeroEyes used hundreds of thousands of proprietary images and videos to train its AI to be the most comprehensive and superior gun detection technology on the market, according to the company. The A.I. does not perform any facial recognition, and does not receive, record, store, or share any biometric data, videos or images of any kind.

“We’re honored to receive the USPTO’s verification of our unique methodology for proactively preventing gun-related violence,” Marcus Day, senior vice president of research and development for ZeroEyes, said in a statement. “Our rapidly growing team remains committed to engineering effective, scalable solutions to keep our customers safe.”

In an emailed response to questions, Sam Alaimo, ZeroEyes co-founder and chief revenue officer, said receipt of the patent “is verification that our technology is novel and our methodology is unique compared to other solutions.”

“Along with our SAFETY Act designation, I think it further strengthens our legitimacy from a technical perspective,” he said.

ZeroEyes was founded by a group of former Navy SEALs and technologists. The current patent applies to all three of the company’s target vertical markets: education, commercial and government.

ZeroEyes is deployed across a variety of industries in more than 30 states, including K-12 school districts, commercial property groups, shopping malls, places of worship, hospitals, military bases, manufacturing plants, casinos and Fortune 500 campuses, according to Alaimo.

ZeroEyes delivers a proactive, human-verified A.I. gun detection software solution that integrates into existing security cameras. The solution, according to the company, “mitigates mass shootings and gun-related violence by reducing response times, providing actionable intelligence with images and delivering clarity among chaos — ultimately saving lives.”

Former U.S. military and law enforcement specialists verify every gun detection 24/7/365 from the in-house ZeroEyes Operations Center to eliminate false positives and deliver accurate and actionable intelligence on gun-related incidents, including the gunman’s appearance, clothing, weapon, and real-time location, the release stated.

“As far as what comes next, we have more patent applications in provisional status right now, as well as a continuation of our already issued patent. We plan to grow our IP portfolio to protect our innovations,” Alaimo added.

ZeroEyes dispatches accurate and real-time actionable intelligence about the brandishing of a gun near or in an occupied area or building, to local staff and law enforcement with an image of the shooter(s) and location of the threat, as fast as 3 to 5 seconds from the moment the gun is detected, according to the company.

The ZeroEyes team also provides tech consulting, installation assistance and practice drills for active shooter events.

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5 thoughts on “ZeroEyes secures patent for AI-based gun detection methodology

  1. “ZeroEyes was founded by a group of former Navy SEALs…”

    There goes them “oath keepers” serving again.

    Serving their totalitarian masters, that is.

  2. More of their unlawful moves. So now the word “brandishing” is invited to the forefront, not to be confused with “carrying.” Does brandishing include “pointing”? And what about kids and toy guns? Can their system discern that? I see confusion ahead, and intrusion. Looks like one more attack on Articles 2 and 4.

    And the name… “Zero Eyes.” Perhaps it’s more accurate than they know, for Zero Eyes means WITHOUT EYES, making them unable to see The Bill of Rights which puts an end to all their infringements.


  3. Side note: there is a special place in my heart for those precious SOBs and their 2A bs laws!!!!!!! May they all slowly rot in hell, very slowly!!!!

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