Russia produces first batch of nuclear-armed Poseidon torpedo drones ‘capable of wiping out entire coastlines with radioactive tsunamis’

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Russia has manufactured its first batch of high-speed Poseidon drones said to be capable of wiping out entire coastlines with radioactive tsunamis, it was reported today.

The weapon, which could reportedly cause a 1,640ft tsunami, is alleged to have a unlimited range, although details of its unique 125mph underwater propulsion system have been a closely guarded Russian secret.

The development came as a Vladimir Putin loyalist called on state TV for Britain to be ‘demolished from the face of the Earth’ as it prepares to supply Ukraine with Challenger 2 tanks.

Retired general Andrey Gurulev claimed on Rossiya 1 that the deployment of British and German tanks ‘to kill us’ amounts to crossing a red line.

He accused the UK of ‘getting cocky’, and warned the country could be wiped off the map without resorting to nuclear weapons, stressing: ‘We have to remember about London so they don’t try to steal our victory. If it did not exist, there will be victory.’

He also called for an initial giant nuclear test on the Arctic island of Novaya Zemlya ‘so the whole earth shudders’.

His outburst against the UK came as Russian state news agency TASS reported the manufacture of the ‘first batch of nuclear-armed Poseidon drones’.

Last year another leading Putin propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov notoriously told viewers that Russia should ‘plunge Britain into the depths of the sea’ with its ‘underwater robotic drone Poseidon’.

The Russian weapon is a giant nuclear-armed torpedo capable of causing radioactive tsunamis that destroy enemy coastlines.

In October, it was reported that Nato had sent an intelligence note to its member states warning that Putin had deployed its 604ft-long K-329 Belgorod nuclear submarine, carrier of the Poseidon.

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