½ Of 9-11 Victims Dissolved Into Nothing

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

One of the biggest mysteries regarding the events of September 11, 2001 is the fact, of the 2.753 people who allegedly died in the towers of the World Trade Center, only 1.634 have been identified so far.

In other words, the families of 1.116 victims in the 11 years have no single evidence received their relatives have actually died by the State authorities.  

Parsifal, April 2, 2013

Was found not the smallest piece of human tissue from them, nothing at all, no bone, no hair and no fingernails, to identify them through DNA analysis.

The relatives know nothing, could bury nothing, plant no grave for them, to commemorate their deceased.

Almost half of the victims have dissolved in air !

This fact, that for 1.116 people no bodies were found, not even the smallest parts of a corpse, shows what the Government and the media tell us for 11 years, how and why the three skyscrapers collapsed on this day, may be impossible and is a huge lie.

How can nearly half of the victims simply disappear without leaving a trace ?

Great question.  Never really thought about it but then again, never knew it either.  Thats another mystery at Shanksville, not only were there no pieces of the plane, signifigant pieces, but no bodies anywhere. WTF. -Mort


15 thoughts on “½ Of 9-11 Victims Dissolved Into Nothing

  1. it wasn’t just people that “disolved into nothing” (vaporized) – but all of the bathroom fixtures, pipes, file cabinets, etc, and much of the massive steel beams as well as all of the concrete were “disolved into nothing” (vaporized). only nukes can produce the incredible amount of heat required to vaporize massive steel beams. google “WTC, the spire”.
    also click my name to learn more.

  2. Have not seen this in the public forums, but I was told that body fragments were recovered from the other side of the East River.

  3. People vaporized into nothing at Hiroshima as well. Not so hard to understand really, once you have settle into the nuclear equation. Our bank accounts are about to vaporize into nothing without anybody firing as much as a firecracker.

  4. I believe Flight 175 passengers were manufactured. Some of the worst (and most amusing) photoshopping work ever. “Passenger” biographies don’t hold up under scrutiny. I believe this plane was empty. And I’m wondering if the TT’s weren’t pretty much empty as well – maybe slated for demolition or offices emptied because of asbestos cleanup. But then, I believe that Sandy Hook was empty as well…

    1. I agree with you on the passenger manifests being manufactured. Also, a few of the numerous videos (don’t know if they’re still available for viewing or have been wiped by youtube) of the plane “impacts” showed the planes were advanced holograms. I recall one video filmed from aloft showed no plane whatsoever from that angle, just the explosions – oops!

      As the TT were a refurbishment/demolition problem because they contained huge amounts of asbestos, the criminal government and business scum made it a 3-in-1 deal: false flag to initiate military-industrial-congressional complex war and heroin profits (Bush 41’s nickname is Poppy for a good reason), demolition of problem buildings with huge insurance profits for the new owner, Larry Silverstein, and destruction of the stored gold paper trail (the basement vault gold rumored to have been stolen by the Bushes and shipped to Paraguay) managed by Cantor Fitzgerald in One WTC building.

      1. yes for five years prior to the demolition they were telling of how they were going to demolish the buildings and build new it was cheaper then removeing the asbestos they told ppl for five years they were gonna do this but oh my it is a suprise when it happens wanna have some fun find out what the crew on the space shuttle that was blown up comeing back really installed in the hubble scope give ya a little hint it projected wonder why they were not allowed to return

      2. Unfortunately, all the best videos I’ve seen of the holograms have been removed from the internet.

        One has to wonder why, if it’s not a valid assessment.

  5. Dust from 9/11 that was tested (NOT by any so-called ‘government’ agency, of course) was shown to be radioactive.

    Micro nukes were involved.

  6. Scalar technology. Imagine a microwave oven magnetron the size of an Abrams tank. Same weapon technology was used in Iraq and Afghanistan on civilians. Search Dr. Judy Wood.

    1. Yes Scotty, Judy Wood’s book “where Did The Towers Go” evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology On 9/11, goes into great detail of many surprising facts around the event. The only documentation that really makes sense to me.
      Quote from Judy Wood
      “This was a new process and a new process needs a new word to represent it. We will call this dustification, saying that the buildings were dustified”

      1. I was there, playing a role in the initial rescue effort in the first couple days following the false-flag attack. “Dustification” is a good word to describe a lot of what I witnessed first-hand…and it was the very first thing that struck me as being very odd about the developing official story (aka bullsh!t cover-up), that something wasn’t right, that something was actually very wrong. But we kept our heads down and worked furiously in trying to dig out what we were sure would be hundreds, if not thousands, of gravely injured, buried victims. But we sure didn’t find many people, instead, what we found were more questions, more things that just didn’t jibe with what was being spewed out by the media and government talking heads. Though the initial physical evidence, and my screaming intuition, were saying something is way off here, I didn’t really put it together until a couple months later, as I guess I didn’t want to believe both what I was seeing and what I was thinking deep inside. Part of it was the emotional factor, as there were a couple times I broke down in tears on the perimeter of the restricted zone where we would run into all sorts of highly distraught family members clutching their home-made fliers and posters (like those in the photo above), with them trying to force the papers into our hands and/or pointing at the pictures of their husband, their wife, their son, their daughter, their mother, their father, begging in growing desperation as the hours and days passed, pleading, crying, desperate, asking if we’ve seen that loved one, to please please please give them any information we could, any sign, any hope…and we could not. And it was crushing. It is for THOSE people, THOSE desperate loved ones seeking some kind of answer, ANY answer, it is for them that I began my cause in earnest, fighting for truth every day since then.

        As for a different comment above pertaining to the alleged “holograms” rather than planes hitting the buildings, I firmly believe those theories to be complete nonsense and false trails to not only divide the truth movement, but to also make us look stupid in the process. My girlfriend was an eye witness to the two aircraft striking the towers, and the reason she even looked up in the first place to then clearly see the first strike was hearing an airplane flying in airspace that usually had no air traffic, which drew her attention. So I have no doubt they were real aircraft. There were also definitely bombs and lots of nano thermate in those buildings, and almost certainly some micro nukes as #1 states above, a clear demolition job, as I can attest that the dustifications and vaporization evidence I personally witnessed just cannot be adequately explained otherwise.

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