.01% slaughter innocents by the millions, parasitize trillions: how do you speak of them?

Washington’s Blog – bu Carl Herman

We all have our roles to play.

Is it part of your work on Earth to speak for the millions of innocents gruesomely slaughtered by .01% “developed”/imperial nations in unlawful wars (here, here, here, here), Economic Hitman looting (here,here, here, here), and poverty-murder?

This part of our work will be complete when a critical mass of humanity:  

  1. Recognize this slaughter for what it is, and align thinking, speaking, and action to lawfully end it.
  2. Recognize real leadership to enact available solutions for building the brighter future we all sense, and open unimaginably joyous avenues to explore the human spirit.

This transformation will happen in a relative Emperor’s New Clothes moment.

You help by being true to yourself in thoughts, words, and actions. It’s a paradox to do so while respecting others’ free will to choose their own wisest paths.

Those on this path learn from the walking (here, here).

Those waiting will only learn by walking.

Those suffering appreciate your assistance.


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