10 Cats Who Are Outsmarting Everybody

The Dodo

1. Just because you’re not “allowed” on the counter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to get up there.


2. Those small, shiny cups might fool a lesser mastermind, but they’re no match for this magician.


3. James Bond’s got nothing on this daring secret agent.


4. This cat just became idolized by four tiny yorkies.


5. “Oh, you think you’re being tricky? That’s cute.”


6. There are no lengths to which he would not go for the fish sticks in the freezer.


7. Using your front paws to open a door is so passé.


8. Sometimes interspecies cooperation is necessary for the win.


9. “Next time you’ll think twice about trying to crate a regular Houdini!”


10. This cat has figured out how to use the laws of physics to his advantage.


11. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something other than the water bowl.


15 thoughts on “10 Cats Who Are Outsmarting Everybody

  1. You have to be careful when you train a cat. I trained my cat to fetch my mail from the mailbox but then after about 3 weeks I caught him down at the credit union cashing my unemployment checks.

    1. Sent it with you in mind. 😉 🙂
      Laying low. Trying to think “Happy Thoughts” on my B’day. 😆


        You should have sent me an e-mail or something.

        I’m always the last to know. 😥

          1. #1,
            RT Hawk is a Leo, also. Please tell her Happy B’day, if you get a hold of her. 🙂
            Miss her in the Trenches. Prayers that things are going well.

      2. Happy Birthday, Angel!
        You could have let us know earlier in the day. I mean really, all it takes is a “hint”. I guess some people just prefer martyrdom. 🙂
        Hope you had a great day.

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