10 Things the Elite Are Planning for You in the Next 4 Years (2013-2016)

Published on Dec 6, 2012 by thenewsurvivalist

“There will never again be an honest election in the United States” according to the elite banker class that has seized control of the US Government, the corporate media, and the military industrial complex. They are planning to seize ALL private property and wealth, completely wiping out the middle class. Interview with Lindsey Williams: Pastor Lindsay Williams, who has impressed me over the past years with the accuracy of his predictions–calling the huge swings both up and down in oil prices a couple of years ago–has insider information from what he calls the power elite or global elite. (I won’t go into detail here about how he gets this insider information except to say, in a nutshell, that he served as the chaplain in Alaska during the 70′s for the oil billionaires, a couple whom took him into their confidence, including the late Eric Fromm and a living man whom Lindsey calls “Mr. X”.) With that brief background, here is what Pastor Lindsey Williams recently said about what they plan for the next 4 years. (reporting what he was told by his globalist insider “Mr. X”):

3 thoughts on “10 Things the Elite Are Planning for You in the Next 4 Years (2013-2016)

  1. I do not believe that we will wake up on any given day and the economy has collapsed. What I see is more manipulation and games until we suffer 1000 paper cuts. There is so much play room here and no end to the money creation. There will be more bailouts, why they are talking insurance companies now.

    They do want debt for everyone at every level. Many will not be able to handle it and as far as debt is concerned only a limited number will be able to get credit and run up a sizable debt. We are so poor now I can imagine credit scores dropping fast. Tell me how a bank would want to extend credit that no one will be able to pay back unless they don’t care at all.

    I am interested in these factions at work it should be interesting to see what they do. If there is one thing I have learned over my life is the longer you take to accomplish something the more that can go wrong and it always does. I call it Murphy’s Law.

  2. Hey Susan what kind of track record does this pastor have? Have heard his name before, and heard a little of his speaking. but not really familiar with him/
    elite friend / anonymous informants make me suspicious if you know what i mean.

  3. This detailed dark forecast seems to serve the elite agenda. It is meant to scare the shit out of you .. it is meant to put your mind in the bondage of absolute negative thinking mode …. it is meant to make you and your family hopeless and helpless … it is meant to promote absolute fear of basically everything and to make you surrender to this fear …He only mention that dark times coming (maybe and maybe not) … But he does not give you a solution to any of these “possible but not probable catastrophes”.

    I will tell you the truth. Get rid of all your negative energy right now and forever ….. focus all your inner positive energy on yourself …. your family and your community and all these stupid “possible but not probable prophesied catastrophes” will just go away. Change yourself …. and try to change those directly around you by GIVING and GIVING (even your smile to your neighbour or co-worker is a great gift) ….. then you will receive absolute peace and prosperity for yourself and all those around you. Trust me…. just do it!

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