13-year-old boy charged with assault for kissing 14-year-old girl on dare

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BALTIMORE, Maryland – A 13-year-old boy in Maryland faces an assault charge after authorities say he kissed a classmate against her will.

WBFF reports the boy planted one on a 14-year-old girl, reportedly as part of a dare at Pikesville Middle School outside of Baltimore.  

The boy is being charged with second degree assault as a juvenile.

The teenager has since been released to his mother. He could face disciplinary action from school administrators, according to reports.

Some residents said the charge is a little harsh.

“I don’t know if an unwanted kiss is a second-degree assault of a person,” said Cyndy Davis, Pikesville resident. “If it is, that’s what they should have charged him with. But I don’t think the charges were really necessary.”

Pikesville resident Ronnie McClain said it would have been better to have the parents discuss it as opposed to getting the police involved.

“Let the school handle it first and then if the parents want to press charges, then there’s nothing else that can be done,” he said.


3 thoughts on “13-year-old boy charged with assault for kissing 14-year-old girl on dare

  1. But of course, if he had kissed another boy it would have been perfectly okay, and anyone who complained about it would have been branded a “hater”.

  2. Meanwhile a cop is murdering a dog and flash banging a baby with impunity. A ‘president’ is kidnapping american nationals and murdering truck loads of arabs.

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