4 thoughts on “1st Death Of USS Ronald Reagan Sailor Exposed To Fukushima Rads

    1. Yes, it’s a disaster just about everywhere you look these days. Now Baghdad is under siege by the rebels Obama armed to fight Assad in Syria, and meanwhile, on the links, Obama makes another “Executive Decision”, “Hey Joe, hand me that nine iron.”

      1. We’re all ‘under the gun’, too.

        It’s now a toss-up as to which will kill us first (barring revolution, of course) – chemtrails or radiation.

        1. The social pressure is “palpable”. The mood has changed, people are waking up exponentially which will elevate psychosocial stressors to “fever pitch”. I see it in the eyes of people I encounter, especially the awakened. There is reason to be concerned and preparing for an uncertain future at this point. No one can predict the future but learning to be self reliant is a no-brainer. Of course, being “self-reliant” will put you on the “Domestic Terrorist” list!

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