‘$200 an hour’ bum disappears amid newly found fame

New York Post – by Kevin Fasick and Tina Moore

The Grand Central Terminal panhandler who’s now the poster child for getting rich quick by begging was in the wind Wednesday ­after being featured on the front page of The Post.

“He’s usually here,” a street vendor near the commuter hub said of Will ­Andersen, 43, who claimed he rakes in as much as $200 an hour asking for money alongside his 9-year-old pup, Rizzo, on East 42nd Street between Vanderbilt and Madison avenues.  

‘$200 an hour’ bum disappears amid newly found fame“On a Friday morning, I make $400 in two hours,” he said on Tuesday, adding that he makes enough to rent a room in Inwood and buy dog food.Anderson ditched his typical spot after The Post reported on the former theater stagehand’s racket.

His four-legged friend on the street helps, he said.

An NYPD spokesperson said cops can’t stop homeless people from keeping pets on the street as long as there are no outward signs of mistreatment.


11 thoughts on “‘$200 an hour’ bum disappears amid newly found fame

  1. Get a f#$cking job you lazy scum bag. I’m tired of filling your pockets with my hard earned cash.

    These scum bags hang out at the truck stop fuel pumps, because they know drivers always have big cash in their pockets. These shit stains are experts at separating cash from good hard working people.

    I’m going to turn up the heat on these pieces of shit.

    1. Just don’t give ’em any money, Mark.

      You shouldn’t let this article piss you off. The NY Post is trying to convince people that homeless people lead the good life, but it’s not the case. They usually don’t want to be panhandling, and I seriously doubt that this guy ever made $200 in an hour.

      I actually knew a professional panhandler, and he had a hard time putting together $50 in an entire day. (but this guy does have a good spot — I made about $50 selling flowers there in an hour, but no one is making $200 per hour panhandling, puppy or not.)

      1. A lot of these assholes will call you every name in the book if you shine them on. I see these freeloaders everywhere now, and they know how to drag the money out of your pockets.

        They won’t go away, it’s like they know that if they bug the hell out of you, you’ll pay the little wankers, so as to get rid of them,

        It’s always the young piss ants mainly, 20 to 25 years old. I just wave them off like they’re a fly trying to fly up my nose.

      2. J.R., Diggerdan knew some “professionals” in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area that would often bring over $1000 a day. He was too proud to beg, a trait I admired in him.

  2. “An NYPD spokesperson said cops can’t stop homeless people from keeping pets on the street…”

    In fact, they approve of it.

    That way there’s always more targets around for the pigs to kill.

  3. glad to see jolly roger sees what their trying to do here. they want you to despise the homeless so if anything happens to them no one will question or care. the stories where i live are endless but im not going to go thru each one to prove it. i dont have to because i know the game. i also know not every homeless person on the streets are actually homeless. and no, i dont mean their scammers either. figure it out.

  4. here when i thought hitting the homeless couldn’t get any worse, i read today, ambulance hits transient. and that was last night. the night before then, it was a guy in a wheelchair which that was probably legit. it was the comments that left me speechless. a couple nights before then, the wretched flashlight as we call it, led you to believe a guy riding his bike was homeless because of the cans he was carrying, and even went as far to say he may not have been wearing his bike helmet, the bike had no lights, he was wearing dark clothing, and it wasnt a well lit area etc…turns out he was on his way home from work, was wearing his helmet but the supposed impact of the elderly lady only going 30 miles an hour somehow knocked his helmet off and he sustained major head injury. the bike tire was bent into the shape of a pretzel. official report stated he pulled out in front of her. the guy was black and i dont no if he had lights on his bike or not but that road is wide with a bike lane and someone mentioned bike lane ends right about where he was hit. again, cant confirm but its two roads that intersect. leave it to me to study as much as i can of the accident scene photo. i notice her car is parked not to far from a freaking light pole. i doubt there was anyone else on that stretch of road when it happened. we then find out he picks up recyclables on his way home from work and donates them to his church. the story was so slanted and painted entirely his fault. then out of left field, we hear that he died.

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