$200 Grocery Bill Soon to Be $12,000

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The two obvious questions are: How soon? I would say by election day November 2024. That might make for interesting political campaigns if we still have a functioning government at that point. And secondly, does this have to be our future? No. We could change our government between now and then.

Bloomberg, Albert Edwards, Deutsche Bank and several agricultural websites have noted higher food commodity prices, spurred by massive Chinese imports from America which are up 600% for some commodities. Deutsche Bank has warned us that spiking food prices could cause revolutions in Asia just as it did in the Arab Spring a few years ago. Of course the Arab Spring revolutions were exploited by the US.

But Joe Biden is not likely to cut off food exports to China as both the Biden family and Kamala Harris have profitable ties to China. So those riots might be in the US and not China.

There is also a lot of weather related crop damage worldwide including the floods that damaged China’s harvests last year. And in California’s Central Valley the Feds have cut back water allocations to farmers by 95%. California is America’s number one agricultural state. Or it was. Population increases through immigration has doubled the demand for water so farmers must take a back seat. Not good for people who like to eat food.

The other factor pushing food prices sharply higher is inflation of the US currency. I said previously, that the US M1 Money Supply (cash, coins, checking account deposits and Traveler’s checks) will grow 2,000% between October 2019 and the Summer of 2022. It is growing faster than Argentina’s.

Obviously, the Powers That Be want to send us into Hyperinflation. Why? I think to complete the Great Reset by 2030. The World Economic Forum at Davos has said by 2030 we will own nothing. We won’t own homes or cars or even the clothes on our backs. Unsaid is the implied conclusion that we will lease our clothes, our cars and our homes from billionaires.

How will they take away the ownership of our homes and our cars? I think they will push food prices much higher so we have to spend everything to buy food and to keep warm in the winters. We can sell our homes and cars. Those who already are poor can volunteer to die from starvation so their deaths can make life better for billionaires.

Covid is a bioweapon and was made in a lab at the University of North Carolina and was made more contagious at a Chinese military lab in Wuhan funded by grants from Dr Fauci and NIH. Pfizer will have to start injecting the third round of covid shots before the end of the year. We have been promised another pandemic that will get our attention by a person no less than Bill Gates. I assume the bioweapon already exists in a lab and its release will be timed to coincide with the coming Hyperinflation. More lockdowns and masks and fear porn will destroy all small businesses and the middle class. Dr Sherri Tenpenny says the vaccines will cause a great wave of autoimmune diseases within 12 months.

And then Hyperinflation will push everyone still healthy below the billionaire level into poverty.

Food is a necessity so spiking food prices will take consumer dollars away from other merchants and bankrupt them. That is a fundamental part of the Great Reset.

I did say that the price of food would rise 6,000% and not just 2,000%. Food is rated higher on a needs chart so when Hyperinflation comes we will spend more bidding diminishing supplies of food away from China and wealthy people overseas as Biden and Harris will not shut down our exports while they import millions of illegal aliens who will require subsidies to live in the US.

Another factor will be Velocity or the turnover of the Money Supply. I explained M x V = P x T before. Prices times transactions is what we produce and consume. M time Velocity is our Monetary Stock times its V or turnover. If $10 trillion in Money Supply changes hands 1.5 times a year, then we will support a $15 trillion economy.

Now lets look at Germany after WW I. One dozen eggs cost a half-Reichsmark in 1918 and three Reichsmarks in 1921. In 1923, the market price increased to 500 (January) then 30 million (September) and four billion Reichsmarks (October). The Velocity or turnover of money was 1.00 in January of 1919 and rose to 2.02 in October of that same year meaning that the same money supply would support a doubling of prices. By December of 1920 the velocity had settled down to 2.42 despite having been higher earlier in the year so prices could rise 242% without more money printing. By December of 1922 it had risen to 4.10 and by the end of 1923 V was 14.82 which would support a 14,820% price increase without more money printing.

But Biden will be running 5 and $6 trillion deficits so he will need to print a lot more money. A lot more. So increasing the M1 Money Supply 2,000% could easily lead to a Velocity of 3 or 4 from the current 1.5 in a few years which would mean prices especially for food could easily spike 6,000 or 8,000% before going astronomically higher.

Foreign nations have been dumping dollars in international trade. Nigeria was the latest. When the Dollar is no longer a reserve currency to be accepted as if it were gold, the wages and pensions of Americans will permanently be cut 60% over night. Now you might understand why the billionaires fear free speech. They know they stole tens of trillions of dollars from us and we might assemble and demand the return of what they stole so we can eat.

Of course we might never get to the point of $12,000 for groceries. The Bankers could be arrested, the money they stole from us could be seized and used to fund worldwide Debt Cancellation otherwise known as a Jubilee.

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  1. Even though this writer falsely validates a “functioning government,” ha!, it’s still a horrifying headline.

    Hello Communism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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