3 thoughts on “2008: Russian Professor Predicts the USA Disintegrates

  1. No, Jefferson ain’t joining with no Zombies from the Land of Fruits and Nuts and we don’t want none of the Walking Dead from up north …

    Your hired Mercenaries better bring their guns when they come because these Sort are to ‘yellow to red’ to do their fighting and dying for themselves!

    1. Neither will Arizona, but I don’t see this happening minus a catastrophic event and several years (if not a decade) of turmoil.

  2. Pac northwest= Cascadia
    Cen west coast= Jefferson
    S.west coast=landfill
    idaho region= whites/mormons only
    The rest= down wind of the land fill that starts in sanfran-skitzo and goes to Ecuador.

    Texas may need to clean s.cal so as to avoid the down wind contamination of 13 million burning commies.

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