2014: The Year The Lies Stop Working?

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To be allowed into polite society you must believe certain Lies your Banker Occupied Government deems to be as adequate signs of your submission to their authority to control your thoughts.

The underlying Lie is that if you believe their lies No Harm will come to you and your family.  

A famous example of lies the government told us was the assassination of President Kennedy. CBS newsman Dan Rather described the Zapruder film to his radio audience. He lied and said the film depicted the force of the bullet throwing the President’s head forward proving Oswald from behind JFK. We know that was a lie. The Zapruder film actually showed Kennedy being shot from the front.

I want to contrast the lies we were told about November 22, 1963 with the Underlying Lie that if you believe their lies they will not harm you and your family.

President Kennedy’s death allowed the Bankers to get America into the Vietnam War. A lot of Americans died there. But the Bankers used the war to spread drug addiction. Bankers make a lot of money laundering a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. 100,000 people a year worldwide die from drug overdoses. More than 80,000 Mexicans have been killed in their drug war. Many innocent Americans have died in the streets from our drug gang wars.

JFK also opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.

When Mordecai Vanunu was released from prison for telling the world that Israel had nuclear weapons, he said that Israel’s David Ben Gurion had President Kennedy killed because the President had insisted upon inspecting the Israeli nuclear facility at Dimona. 90 days after being denied access to Dimona,  Jack Kennedy was assassinated.

In 1964 Israel and China exploded a nuclear bomb on Chinese territory. Years later Sam Cohen the inventor of the neutron bomb went to Israel. After he left, Israel had neutron bomb technology and China received it soon after.

Martin Luther King Jr wanted to go to Washington DC in the summer of 1968 to shut the town down until the war in Vietnam was ended. But the decision was made to stop all effective anti-war movements. The Bankers need and want wars. You cannot be allowed to have an anti-war movement that works.

On April 4, 1967 Martin Luther King made his now famous speech at the Riverside church against the Vietnam war and American imperialism. It was one year to the day later when he was assassinated in Memphis. William Pepper, who knew Dr. King, was asked by the Reverend Ralph Abernathy and the King family to represent James Earl Ray’s appeal. Pepper wrote the book, An Act of State, The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

William Pepper discovered that there were two different assassination plots to kill Dr. Kingon April 4, 1968. One was from the 902nd Military Intelligence Group. And the second was from the mafia which had hired Loyd Jowers to kill Dr King. The 6 man army contingent consisted of two three man sniper teams. They had a second target, Vernon Jordan. On April 4th the snipers were waiting for Jordan to come into view when they  heard a shot and saw King fall to the ground. Both teams thought that the other had taken a shot prematurely so both units left the area immediately. What they learned later, which was proven by Mr. Pepper in a wrongful death civil suit, was that Loyd Jowers had fired the fatal shot. Pepper has the testimony of other army snipers of previous plans to kill King, but those attempts lacked the effort and the seriousness of the April 4th effort. I believe that April 4th was selected by two different imperialist entities to kill Martin Luther King precisely because they wanted to instill fear into those who would would dare to oppose military oppression at home and abroad. Their April 4, 1968 message was that the penalty is death for effectively resisting  Banker Occupied Government wars.


Robert F Kennedy was shot in the back on June 5, 1968 according to the coroner’s report. Sirhan was seen by more than a dozen witnesses in front of the man who had just won the California primary. Not one witness saw him behind the candidate. Sirhan does not remember what happened that night because he was obviously drugged and/or hypnotized. He was always seen in the company of a woman in a polka dot dress who helped him navigate the hotel. Sirhan was not behind Robert Kennedy. The the news media ought to have asked just how he could have shot RFK five times in the back. The news media did not dare break the cover up.

We were told many lies about the killing of JFK, RFK and MLK Jr. The Underlying Lie was that allowing the Banker Occupied Government to kill our leaders would not harm us and our family. However, we can see that the arms race in the Mideast and the Vietnam war did harm many of us. But not enough people were harmed to endanger the Bankers and threaten their control of the government and of the news.

There were two egregious lies told about 911 mixed in with many smaller ones. The Banker Occupied Government  wanted us to to go to war destroying nations all over the Mideast who opposed Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinians. Israel claims all land in the Mideast from the Nile to the Euphrates. That there are 300 million Gentiles already living there was of no concern to the Banker Occupied Government.

On 911 World Trade Center Tower 7 collapsed even though it was never struck by an airplane. You really have to be under advanced Mind Control to believe the lies Banker Occupied Government tells about  Tower 7 just sort of collapsing. Another egregious lie was the Pentagon attack. There were no photos of any Arabs boarding Flight 77 which was alleged to have struck the Pentagon. The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology found zero traces of Arab DNA at the site.

On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that he could not trace $2.3 trillion. We now know that $8.5 trillion dollars has gone missing from Defense spending since 1996.


Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read, said she once found one block in San Diego that had ten HUD backed mortgages for buildings that never existed. When Susan Gaffney, HUD’s Comptroller, testified before the Senate in 2000, she said that a total of 78 billion dollars had to be written off for the two previous years from her agency alone. When asked by a Senator what she did to recover any of these billions of dollars, she said she adjusted the books and did nothing more. Both she and the Senators knew that Wall Street has the divine right to steal billions of dollars from taxpayers each week. And we do not have the right to either prosecute or to even write about it in the mainstream press. Susan Gaffney was appointed by President Clinton.

There was a price to be paid for allowing the Banker Occupied Government to kill our leaders and blow up buildings with Americans inside from Oklahoma City to Washington to New York.

Letting the Banker Occupied Government get away with the many lies of 911 cost the US trillions of dollars and the world more than a million lives in the Mideast.

The Underlying Lie that no harm will come to you and your family is wearing a little thin.


The Lie was always some form of the belief that if I say nothing then they will never harm me. “They” can kill people by dropping bombs on unarmed civilians, but they will never harm me. “They” can force poor people in the United States or Africa or Latin America to sell their public utilities to the Bilderbergers, but they will never harm me. “They” can kill my President or my favorite political candidate or even the most noted civil rights leader in the United States, but they will never harm me. “They” can salt the earth with Depleted Uranium, but they will not harm me.

But 2014 might be the year when the dollar crashes and Americans can no longer even pretend the Banker Occupied Government will leave them alone.

You and your family will be the target of the wrath of the Bankers. When the dollar crashes, they will cut the value of your paychecks and pensions in half. 10 million Americans will starve to death. Every city in America will cease to function. And things will go down hill from there.

2014 could be the year Americans can no longer even pretend that their Banker Occupied Government loves them. Make Believe will come to an abrupt end. Americans will have to either learn to live in the Real World or Die.


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  1. And John Kennedy Junior. As soon as he started to sniff into politics they took him out with his “plane crash”; he wasn’t one of them and so he had to go. It turns my stomach and angers me to no ends at what these scumbags have done. We can revive the manufacturing industry; we are going to need a lot of good strong rope soon.

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