2015: This Summer Of Our Discontent Might Be Our Last Chance to Say Or Do Anything.

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Evil men are making plans for your summer. A former  NATO commander was talking about World War III breaking out. If we are lucky it won’t be nuclear. The Israelis are talking in their press about ‘Mowing the Lawn’ in Lebanon. That is a code word for killing civilians. All of this war talk is to be expected. Citizens in the Banker occupied nations of Europe and North America can expect war scares whenever the politicians need to distract us from the grim reality that our corrupt and greedy governments are causing the economy to sink like a rock.  

I think we can avoid nuclear war if Netanyahu can be restrained but I would strongly urge you to do whatever you can this year so we still have the freedom to say No to the Bankers and to Israel next year. Wall Street and the City of London are very serious about permanently ending free speech, the right to assemble and even to think Bad Thoughts about the men who have robbed us of tens of trillions of dollars. The Bankers and their politicians have to take away our freedoms because they know they can never win an open and honest debate.

The Obama administration had been working over time trying to get a confrontation going against Russia over the Ukraine. The plan was rather ineptly put together. They had George Soros stir things up. They spent $5 billion to force a coup two months ahead of scheduled elections. The woman in charge  (Victoria Nuland) is the wife of Robert Kagan, a member of the Project for a New American Century. PNAC  successfully lied America into the disastrous Iraq invasion of 2003. PNAC used fake intelligence from the Israelis which they fed directly to Douglas Feith who was in charge of the Office of Special Plans.

The Ukraine coup relied heavily on Israeli mercenaries and Ukrainian Nazi sympathizers but it was run by four Jews: Nuland, Soros, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko. The government was looted of its gold by the US. Government posts went to mostly Jewish foreigners. The economy was turned over to Jews. Monsanto was encouraged to plant GMO crops which the neighboring countries of Poland and Russia had banned. The economy collapsed under the burden of corruption and a US-Banker inspired war. The people despise this regime. Victoria Nuland could not find anyone decent to run the coup and to execute her plans to make war with Russia. John Kerry’s last trip to the region bypassed the Ukraine. It is a lost cause. It is rumored that Kerry tried to trade Syria for the Ukraine and that Vladimir Putin declined.

The Obama admin has been making noises about going to war over Chinese plans for the South China Sea. But Taiwan is looking for a peaceful solution. And Australia had had to admit publicly that America lied to them about those wars in the Mideast. War is not likely as America could never win and our allies know that.

War Clouds are hanging permanently over Israel’s neighbors. As I said, the Israeli press had a series of articles recently saying it is time to ‘Mow the Lawn’ in Lebanon. You might remember that General Wesley Clark said he was told that the Department of Defense had been given a list of 7 Muslim nations to take down in 5 years. One of those nations was Lebanon. Clark also said in a later interview that ISIS was created to take on Hezbollah. ISIS has to take on Syria before they can invade Lebanon for Israel.

In 2006 Hezbollah defeated the Israeli Army. They had 3,400 full time fighters plus Russian made anti-tank and anti-aircraft rockets. They dug in very well. To date the Israelis have not been willing to go into networks of tunnel and engage in hand to hand combat with either Hezbollah or Hamas.

The Israelis are saying they would regard civilian villages in Lebanon as legitimate military targets. Israel’s neighbors listen when Israelis hint at Genocide. Israel hopes they can avoid getting their soldiers killed by threatening Lebanese civilians.

On the other side, President Assad has been preparing his own summer offensive against ISIS. In 2012 some foreign observers were predicting the fall of the Assad regime. He countered by organizing a Syrian National Guard called the National Defense Forces. They initially drew from minorities persecuted by Al Qaeda. They rely heavily on Christian, Druzes. Armenians and Alawites. They also recruit from the families of people who were slaughtered by America’s Jihadist mercenaries. They receive training, new weapons and a monthly salary. Many prefer the NDF to the Syrian regular Army. They number 100,000. The Israeli press says that many of these men are Hezbollah sympathizers and sit on top of secret weapons caches of rockets which they fear could be fired at the Zionist state.

Richard Perle went to Israel to write A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm for Prime Minister Netanyahu. Douglas Feith, David Wurmser and others made contributions. Richard Perle is a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee which means he listens to the Rothschilds who set the agenda for their annual meetings. The members of the Bilderberg Society are obligated to carry out the agenda according to Willy Claes. He is a former NATO Secretary-General who said in 2010 that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement policy decisions that are formulated during the meeting.

The important point about A Clean Break is that Perle and the Israelis have determined American foreign policy ever since it was written. A Clean Break called for an invasion of Iraq for regime change because the Iraqis were standing up to the Israelis to defend the Palestinians.

Israel did 911 and used the Jewish controlled media to push America  and NATO into an ‘Endless War on Terror.’ It was Israel that used PNAC and AIPAC to deliver fake intelligence to the newly created Office of Special Plans headed by Doug Feith who had helped write A Clean Break for Netanyahu. Feith was appointed to run this office by Paul Wolfowitz. Both men are Jewish and were members of PNAC.

Perle also said in  A Clean Break that proxy armies should attack Syria over the issue of chemical weapons. Obama has been doing that for 4 years. These chemical weapons charges have all been proven false. But the deaths and destruction waged by the American mercenaries has been real. Some say 300,000 Syrians have died. That includes 100,000 Christians. I would like to point out that there are no moderate rebels. They beheaded Christians and gouged out their eyes. It was the FSA that uploaded the video of them committing cannibalism. The former leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, was a Mossad spy who was recently pronounced dead in an Israeli hospital.

The Assad counter offensive has the blessings of Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamanei. That and a billion dollars to pay for it. Iran has taken to recruiting Shi’ite soldiers from outside the region to help Syria.  Hezbollah has been recruiting Christian and Druze militias to help fight. Assad has stepped up recruitment as well.

Recently, Hezbollah joined forces with the Syrian Army and their National Guard to run mercenaries out of the 600 square kilometer Qalamoun region near the Lebanese border. Hezbollah  lost 35 men. Sheik Nasrallah defines Zihadists as those who combine Zionist servitude with Jihad to mean one who fights for Israel. Many of the Zihadists  fled from  Qalamoun into Lebanon’s Arsal district. Signs are that Hezbollah will  first take on the Zihadists in Arsal. This risks a Lebanese Civil War. And could encourage Israel to invade Lebanon.

Invading Lebanon is more talk than reality. Israeli commander Gui Zur called Hezbollah: “by far the greatest guerrilla group in the world.” The latest Israeli estimates are that Hezbollah has 80,000 rockets including 15,000 long range ones. They certainly have tunnels dug well inside Israel so they can fire rockets from behind Israeli lines. Hezbollah has men in the Syrian National Guard armed with rockets. They also have drones which they used to map targets inside Israel. Nasrallah said he can knock out Israel’s power grid for 6 months.

The Iranian press says Hezbollah has a military base of 65,000 fighters though most are part time.

Israel’s Army will refuse to fight well armed men. An invasion of Lebanon would spiral out of control into a nuclear war involving Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Iran has no nuclear weapons. But Iran, Syria and Hezbollah could fire more than 100,000 missiles at Israel if the Israelis start a war. Iran does have 3,000 fast boats and enough long range missiles to take out the US Persian Gulf fleet and all 35 US Central Command bases in the region. They have millions of trained and well armed men to follow up with a ground attack. The upside risks to Israel and the US are too great. Both the US and Israeli military will say No to a wider war so both nations are reduced to using proxy Zihadist mercenary armies.

This will be a Summer of Discontent and Rage. The US military and professionals in the Israeli Defense Forces should keep Netanyahu from attacking either Lebanon or Iran. Israel is asking for billions in compensation for not attacking Iran and starting World War III.

The Assad counter offensive will consist of Hezbollah, the Syrian National Guard and the Army pounding ISIS at Palmyra. The Zihadist mercenaries have been publicly executing civilians in the ancient coliseum at Palmyra. This has not endeared them with public opinion around the world.

Recently, ISIS has denounced the alternative media in the West because transparency has cut down on their recruitment. It seems that the real truth has been told that ISIS was created, trained, armed and funded by the CIA. Their leader until his death was a Mossad agent. They have received air drops of supplies from the US in Iraq. In the battle of Tikrit US air power was used to attack the Iraqi Army. In the battle of Ramadi the US said they did not support the Iraqis because there was a sandstorm. There was none.

The US Defense Intelligence Agency has released information saying that the US armed, trained and funded ISIS. American pilots have complained that when they see ISIS terrorists in formations that they are not allowed to attack. They are told to wait. The ISIS men disperse and American pilots are then told to blow up empty buildings. Clearly, the US military would not be saying and doing these things if they believed in the mission. They will undermine their war efforts if Washington goes too far in their support of ISIS.

The US did issue a face covering public relations statement saying they would consider sending more men on the ground to call in air strikes against ISIS. Nonsense.This was the DOD upper ranks issuing a warning to ISIS to stay in Anbar province and not go south into Baghdad. It was also a plea to go west to attack Syria.

The Good News is No Nuclear war. Just a battle for Palmyra. The US will use air power to stop ISIS from getting too close to Baghdad because there is a real possibility that Iran could enter the war and slaughter ISIS. But the Iranians would then be on the border with Saudi Arabia and Syria. Nobody in Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Washington wants that so the US must contain ISIS.

On the home front George Soros and the Department of Justice have been doing their best to stir up race riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York and Cleveland. Crime is growing exponentially as cops are not being allowed to do their jobs. That is called the Ferguson Effect. Of course many Israelis have trained American police officers to treat US citizens just like Palestinians. The US is trying to take over local police functions preparatory to martial law. I do not support the current treatment of citizens by the police.

Wall Street wants a Race War to begin this summer at home so the citizenry cannot unite and demand the return of the tens of trillions of dollars the Bankers stole from us. We will never be free until we put our Banker supported leadership behind bars for the crimes they have committed.

A better plan for summer protests would be to demand the arrest of the Bankers and the seizure of the money they stole from us. We can use those seized assets to fund Debt Cancellation. Cancelling Unpayable Debts is the only way out of a Depression.

This summer could be our last chance to push back against the Bankers and Israel. Please do your best to just say No to the impending Tyranny from Above.

I am not advocating violence except against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

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