25 Examples of Cell Phone Tower Disguises

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In our ongoing quest for cell phone coverage and network access at all times, companies must erect cell phone towers across the land. While their presence often signifies coverage for our beloved phones, some people see them as eyesores that painfully stick out and ruin landscapes. To combat this, some companies have attempted to ‘disguise’ cell phone towers to better blend in with their surroundings. This initiative has resulted in varying levels of success.  

There are entire websites dedicated to mapping these towers, such as Waymarking and CellTowerPhotos. What do you think of these attempts at concealment? Do you prefer to just see a plain tower or do you support companies’ attempts to blend in with their surroundings as best as possible?


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1. Cell Tower Cactus in Arizona


Photograph via jaycrew on Reddit

2. Cell Tower Super Tree

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)

3. Cell Tower Palm Tree

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)

4. Cell Tower Flag Pole in College Station, Texas

5. Cell/Church Bell Tower: Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration (Dallas, TX)

Photograph by Julian P. Barry | (via givemefive on Reddit)

6. Cell Tower Tree Trunk

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)

7. Cell Tower Fir Tree in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

8. Cell Tower Cactus in Tucson, Arizona

9. Cell Tower Palm Tree

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)


Photograph by @PogeyPete

11. Cell Antenna Concealed to Match Brick Exterior in Sopot, Poland

Photograph by Pplecke

12. Cell Tower Tree

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)

13. Cell Phone Tower Disguised as a Tree

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)

14. Cell Tower as Sculptural Art

Photograph by Mmillo

15. Cell Tower Church Cross in Lake Worth, Florida

Photograph by lt1224

16. Cell Phone Tower Tree

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)


Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)

18. Cell Tower Cactuses in Tucson, Arizona

19.Cell Tower Disguised as a Palm Tree

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)

20. Cell Tower Tree

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)

21. Cell/Church Bell Tower in LaVista, New England

22. Cell Tower Tree

Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)


Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)

24. Cell Tower Tree Disguise

Photograph by CellTowerPhotos.com


Photograph by Robert Voit (via AmusingPlanet)


29 thoughts on “25 Examples of Cell Phone Tower Disguises

  1. Were you reading my mind, #1? LOL 🙂
    I was looking up photos last night, re. an older post here in the Trenches.
    This one’s better than the ones I found (mostly photos taken in Africa).
    Good Find. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks, Angel. I remembered our conversation about this one as soon as I saw it. 🙂

      I’ve seen plenty of the tree towers, but have yet to see a cactus one.

      1. Only the trees. Haven’t been in “big” cactus country for many, many moons.
        Definitely saw the one in C.S., Tx. 😉

          1. Off topic…Have you seen anything about the geek, who was too lazy to shop for or prepare food (much less, wash dishes)? He created a liquid concoction that he’s pushing as the “Food of the Future”. Guess what he calls it?
            I almost fell off my chair laughing.

          2. Haven’t seen that one, Angel. Send me a link, I need a good laugh. I’m on vacation this week, up at my brother’s, and guess what? It’s back to no phone/internet at his house again! On top of that, I get a text today telling me that Angel (my cat) has a broken tooth. I never should have left her with the idiot neighbor I did. I TOLD her to leave Angel outside, and she’d be fine. She didn’t listen. So I had to drive all the way back down there (about 50 miles, IN TRAFFIC) to check on her, and move her to the neighbor next door, which is where I should have left her in the first place, apparently. Now I’ll have to take her to the vet when I get my check on Thursday. No telling what that’s going to cost.

            Not a very restful vacation so far. 🙁

          3. #1,
            Oh, No! That sux. I’m So sorry. I Know what that’s like. 🙁
            Figured you were out-of-town.
            I may not be in the Trenches much for the next 3 days, myself. Major Apt. disruption starting in the morning. Got the “City” involved in Forcing my Elitist Scum of a ‘landlord’ to do repairs.

          4. Hopefully nothing major, Angel.

            Have to sign off now. I’m going to see what I can find to send Henry, then head back up the hill to my brother’s. He crashes early, it really sucks that the internet disappeared again up there.

          5. Wow!
            Sorry to both of you #1 and Angel……….. 🙁
            Hope everything gets/goes better soon!
            Pretty cool your cat is named Angel, #1 🙂

          6. #1,
            It’s pretty Major. Chunks of ceiling falling & walls crumbling due to neglected, faulty roof/pointing. (It’s every Apt. in my line, but they have different Condo. owners (superficial coverup repairs were done in order to Sell) & haven’t been able to Force the repairs to be done. We are old-time “rent stabilized” tenants from before it was converted, plus this is a Landmark bldg. I finally declared War & brought the “City” in.)
            Yes, #1 & I got a giggle out of that coincidence, too. 🙂

          7. Hope it’s not too hard on you, Angel. Also hope you don’t have asbestos there. A lot of older buildings still do. Nasty stuff, that.

          8. I just got my confirm comments, so missed some last night……….
            Wow Angel, my heart goes out to you on the repairs that have to be done there! We had a water main break 2-3 yrs. ago flooded half the house, had to hire an adjuster….got most of it taken care of finally (including mold and stuff waiting for insurance co. what a joke..) still working on the rest ourselves and throw in other 2 breaks in the lines that happened later……. Whoa! feel for ya there Angel, no fun what you have going on there. On the positive, it is being taken care of and will be great when ya get it done 🙂 Hehe “Declaring war!” Good for you!
            Hope it goes smoothly for you guys!

  2. Yep, good post #1!
    Now I see what you were talking about Angel lol!
    I’ll have to check it more around here 🙂
    The only thing is traffic is so crazy around here you can’t take your eyes off the road for too long. Would be interesting to find some though!

    1. Definitely, stay Safe, RT Hawk. 🙂
      Checking them out, is for no-traffic/empty Rds./Hwys. or riding as a passenger. Don’t get dead, being a lookie loo.

      1. Should have said, “rubbernecker” instead of “lookie loo”. LOL
        I know you get my drift. 🙂

      2. Yep and GFB on that last part Angel.
        (But I wanna find some 🙁 lol!)
        Too funny when you were describing them on that older post since I hadn’t seen one before. I couldn’t really imagine, I believed you though! Creative aren’t they hehehe!
        TY on the stay safe 🙂

      1. Disguised?
        Or just the towers?
        We’ve got plenty of the ugly towers along the freeways, just haven’t seen one of those under cover towers yet hehe!

  3. Gee, with all of this hiding of cell towers, you’d think that they were trying to hide something from the people? Oops! There I go again, with my conspiracy theories.

    However in Austin, TX, they don’t seem to worried about hiding them here because a lot of them are basically right across the street from each other rather than being a couple of miles away from each other like they should. But of course, everyone just goes by it like nothing every day and wonders why they get headaches or cancer. When will this insanity ever end. Every time I see those things, I just want to bring them down like I want to bring down every spy camera on every street light in my area. I’m sick of this shit. I want my freedom back. This surveillance shit is WWWAAYYY out of control and that’s an understatement. It’s time to end it! FOR GOOD!

    1. Yup NC, I saw my first drone over the weekend buzzing around. I live in a small town in Nowhere, WI but we apparently have multiple “terrorist cells” warranting the increased surveillance.

      1. I live not too far from the airport and see them on a daily basis. They are the ones flying low, but make very little sound as they pass by. Almost too obvious.

        It’s kind of hard not to when you see a big aircraft zooming by real loud and at a higher elevation and then all of a sudden, another one of the same size, at a slightly lower elevation zooms by with hardly so much as a peep and the only thing that is peeping are the cameras on it that are watching you. They make it so obvious. Of course the sheeple literally don’t even acknowledge its existence or simply shrug it off.

  4. It’s a shame about this evil group because it is illegal money driven the same as manipulating the stock market with insider info, however, a lot more powerful…….The bad thing is there is no office of operation for these Evil Deedsters, they just dial each other up, set a time & place, meet, scheme & go home—–Very quiet secretive group—-Fight On For Liberty & Justice

  5. The church cross one is blasphemy and should be struck down by God himself with a lightning bolt along with the corrupt church that allowed it to happen.

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