3 Police Officers Wounded, 1 DHS Officer Shot, Active Shooter Situation, Roseville, Ca Locked Down.

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200 police officers with 2 armored vehicles and SWAT teams have a parole barricaded in a house in Roseville, Ca. who shot 4 police officers including 1 federal ICE/DHS agent.  They have also set up an 8 mile containment zone in Roseville.  Updates below..

Police: Snipers are dispatched to the 400 block of 6th Street
Eyewitness says that the initial encounter injured a female DHS officer but that the suspect did not shoot her..   she shot herself.   
FBI, DHS at the scene – Roseville PD, Homeland Sec, Sac Sheriff and PD, West Sac, CHPD, Rocklin PD, Placer Sheriff, Yolo Sheriff all on scene.
CBS-TV affiliate KOVR-TV reports three gunshots just now at the scene of the Roseville, CA barricade situation.”
More Gunshots Heard….
3 Helicopters overhead
Neighbor says police set up lights around the house where the #Roseville gun has barricaded himself. Police using bullhorn.  Over 200 police officers are on scene.
Neighbor says SWAT used 2 armored vehicles to knock down fences to get to the backyard of the home where #Roseville gunman holed up
8 Mile ‘Containment zone’.
4 officers, 3 shot, 1 shrapnel, 3 stable, 1 serious, ICE Agent and 3 Roseville PD,  2 officers shot: 1 in the jaw, 1 in the shoulder
Roseville PD says that suspect broke off communications but they are trying to reconnect with him
Sounds like they are using drones in the Roseville california ICE DHS shooting stand off right now
Mother and two children trapped in a house next door to the shooter in Roseville, CA.  Each rescue attempt results suspect firing on police.
Roseville PD: Shooting suspect has “assault-type weapon.”  (there is that word again)
Five Roseville schools are on lockdown:
St. Rose
St. Albans
Cirby Elementary
Joyland Preschool
Maidu Elementary
Sheriff: 4 officers shot during gang sweep in Roseville, Calif.; suspect at large – @FOX40​
Police update statement, say only 1 officer shot in Roseville, Calif.; 3 others hit by shrapnel – @FOX40

A second law enforcement officer has been shot in a Sacramento suburb after a confrontation that occurred during a joint investigation by federal immigration agents and local police.

Officers have located the suspected  holed up in a house. Shots have been fired at officers on scene and a second officer was injured. It’s unknown if the injury is from a bullet or flying shrapnel caused by the shot.

The suspect is described as an Hispanic adult male, wearing a dark colored beanie, grey short sleeved shirt & white pants. Roseville PD is warning residents to not approach the suspect, but to call 911 immediately.

Earlier Roseville Police ordered all media helicopters out of the area and has requested that the media refrain from reporting exact locations.

Residents were urged to stay inside and lock doors and windows as officers search for Duran, who was described as armed and dangerous. He was described as Hispanic and wearing a gray, short-sleeved shirt and dark-colored beanie.

With the police activity, roads in the area are cordoned off and expect traffic on nearby Interstate 80 to be heavy.





Add it to the list.  These guys are just giving them reasons to train for martial law is all they are doing.  2013, year of the lockdown.  Boston set a precedent in the United States.  Its not ok for cops to lockdown entire cities for one person.  Imagine what they would do if there was a group of people whereabouts unknown or in this general area of this state.  They would probably lock the whole thing down.  Stay tuned, this is ongoing remember..  Once again, our militarized police get to try out their new toys.  -Mort


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11 thoughts on “3 Police Officers Wounded, 1 DHS Officer Shot, Active Shooter Situation, Roseville, Ca Locked Down.

  1. All this hoopla for one guy with a gun?

    Note how they encourage everyone to cower in their homes?
    It’s to intimidate the sheep, not the suspect.

    They like this, no, they get off on it. This is the reason for the theater of overwhelming force they present. This is for public consumption to keep the sheep scared.

    If the locals were armed they’d have this guy in minutes without the stupidity of clowns in uniforms riding on their little toys. And, if people were armed it’s far less likely for an incident like this to occur.


  2. 200 cops vs one guy with a gun? Ok, lets do the math. How many cops would it take to fight 100 million plus gun owners? I’ll give you the answer. It would take 20 billion cops. Aint gonna happen guys, rofl.

  3. Well think about this for a moment.When the Boston Marathon accused bombers were being located there were 9000 heavily armed and rogue pigs in the neighbor hoods and it still took a civilian going outside to point the one lone unarmed teenager out to them.Then the commenced to fill the boat he was in full of bullet holes.9000/2 or 200/1 and these pigs think they are all Rambo’s and they do like the power trip it gives them,why do you think they became pigs in the first place,to write seat belt citations? We are going to see more and more of this very soon.Wonder if they will burn up this guy like they did Christopher Dorner? Guess it will all depend on what this person knows! Dorner was trying his best to warn us about the dirty cops and he was right.

  4. If all the cops in the town are there it must be a free for all in the rest of the town! It’s easy for them to feel as if they are in power taking one at a time let it start coming from everywhere at the same time then we’ll see their true colors. Cowards only strength is the numbers and communication ability! Except we have more of that also.

  5. This just doesn’t make sense, folks. I mean, we have illegals FREELY going to the open-air parks in Washington, D.C. during the shut-down. Remember, these same places were off-limits to our WW II vets. But the illegals were given the ok to be in these parks by Obama, himself.
    We have illegals on food stamps and other government subsidies. The illegals walk around with more freedoms than what we Americans have.
    But for some reason, in California, they decide that they have to go after illegals, which ends up with a scenario like this one. And, the only thing stated in this story is that the “suspect is described as an adult Hispanic male,” no arrest record, no nothing.
    It just doesn’t make sense. This entire story just DOES NOT make sense.

  6. …well now…isn’t that convenient?…we just happen to have a “man-with-a-gun-scenario”…this time set up on the West Coast…and we just happen to have 200 police officers, swat teams, helicopters and drones standing by….along with the ever faithful …”miscommunication”… about who/what/where and when was shot…or not shot….

    …these people are pigs and criminals…our entire country’s political leadership needs to be impeached …charged with treason…and we need to start hanging people…mayors, police chiefs, governors …senators, congress-people, presidents …all of them…impeach, charge, convict and hang …soon…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  7. Roseville & nearby Rocklin have always been know for over-the-top police. But this is ridiculous. I suspected from the beginning that this was not for real & probably a drill. This is the same town, BTW, that had a suspicious mall fire a few years back. That mall is owned by the same guys who own the mall in Kenya that was recently in the news. Wonder if the owner is a big contributor to the Roseville police. Anyway, should be interesting to see how things unfold…

  8. green light to kill anyone deemed a threat or disposable and to be used as target practice. same thing is happeneing to homeless people.

  9. I listened to this live on the scanner. It’s a mexican so you won’t jear about this much but if it was a white male holy shot you wouldn’t hear about it enough.

  10. Doubtless ssri’s are involved here.

    That appears to be the most common denominator in shooings these days.

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