2 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 4-17-23

  1. The donation page is giving me trouble.
    It’s trying to insist on scanning the card, and causing trouble letting me type it in.
    Makes me want to slap up a Paypal Jew or one of their butt licks.
    I’ll deal with it later.

  2. O Canada
    Our foolish, bought out land
    True patriot, fight!
    Seek out that Bill of Rights!
    Khazaria came here today to our true north strong and free
    played around with the name of an old city town like children in grade 3
    With triggered hearts we whine and moan about sheer stupidity
    as they come on in and steal from us
    Khazaria is in Canada and we know their game is on
    You will find them in Regina with their v-word rhymin’ in the province of

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