Mob of 100+ looters swarm, ransack Compton gas station by Joshua Young

Mob of 100+ looters swarm, ransack Compton gas station

On Sunday morning a large group of roughly 100 youth took over a four-way intersection in Compton, California and then broke into a nearby Arco Gas Station and ransacked and looted the store, stealing property worth thousands of dollars.

Video surfaced showing dozens of young criminals breaking into the convenience store by kicking in the glass doors and then pouring in and out of the small, crowded shop while grabbing, flinging, and stealing items such as condoms, cigarettes, alcohol, and snacks. Lexit, a group promoting the Latino exit from the Democrat party posted the video to Twitter.


Local KTLA News reports that the mob took over the intersection of Central Avenue and Alondra Boulevard around 2:30 am on Sunday. After they left, tire marks covered the streets and trash was littered everywhere. One witness, Norrice Heron, said, “It makes me angry when they do that to the streets and put everybody in danger.”

Gas station staff hid in the bathroom during the event, fearing for their safety.

No arrests have been made.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the gas station sustained severe damage and that the looters ran off with merchandise worth thousands of dollars.

According to local ABC7 News, an area resident and patron of the gas station, Greg Johnson, said, “It’s unbelievable. Unreal. I’ve never seen anything like that happen here.”

Another large street takeover happened in Compton that night, the other at Long Beach Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue. Between the two events, which included illegal street races, 500 individuals were reported as part of the takeovers.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said they were “outnumbered” by the street mobs and “couldn’t intervene with the giant takeover groups for safety concerns.”

The department said they are “currently limited with their staffed personnel.”

Crime in Los Angeles County has skyrocketed under far-left District Attorney George Gascon.


2 thoughts on “Mob of 100+ looters swarm, ransack Compton gas station by Joshua Young

  1. The new normal right before your eyes. None of this is a surprise because over the years the youth have been drugged and programmed to do just what they are doing now. Anyone wanting to discipline was told to use the time out B>S> that was laughed off by the kids. Enter the mind altering drugs that were passed out like candy and this is what you get. There are no schools now but there are social engineering classes and have been for a long time. Morals and honor isn’t even in the vocabulary now and its easy to see. We are in for a rough road ahead because the country has been taken over and we are for sure living in occupied territory. Do your best to stay safe.

  2. Im not looking for solutions with this Goddam so called government. Im not going to hurry to pay my tax!! They can suck the sht outa my ass!! Ken Camano Island Wa.

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