4 US journalists dead past 24 hours

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Ned Colt (NBC) dropped dead of a stroke yesterday.. he was “supposedly” kidnapped during the Iraq war for several days, then freed?

Bob Simon (CBS) died in a car crash yesterday.. he was “supposedly” kidnapped held captive for 40 days in an Iraq jail

David Carr (NY Times) just died suddenly after interviewing Edward Snowden, and had just come out against Brian Williams from NBC while on CBS… calling Williams out for lying about being shot down in the Iraq war.  

Bob Hager the NBC aviation expert now has a head on crash. hmm.

And of course Brian Williams is off the air for lying about the Iraq war.

Could it be that the people who did the lying during these past events are now being taken out? Is something else going on?

FOUR journalists in 24 hours here in the United States (not in a warzone). What gives?
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4 thoughts on “4 US journalists dead past 24 hours

  1. It’s probably just coincidence like when all those bankers were jumpin’ outa’ windows and shooting themselves in the head repeatedly with nail guns and whatnot. I wouldn’t draw anything into it. The old guard was the Old Right. They were euthanized in the days of FDR and the New Deal. People like Garet Garett, H.L. Mencken, Harry Elmer Barnes, John T. Flynn, Charles Beard and their ilk. Read these dudes free online. They’re all dead but their journalism is alive.

  2. Once again, like I said before, first the bankers are all dying and now the journalists are following suit. What group of people are next?

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