4409 — 7 Police Cars to Detain Man on Electric Bike…WTF

Uploaded on Nov 12, 2009 by RP4409

PLEASE spread this video to all your contacts these Pirates cannot continue to get away with this harassment and extortion.

Call the Squaw Peak District Phoenix Pirate Department (602) 495-5007

PIRATE name: Officer J. Schlender #7726

His supervisors are Pirates: Sergeant Coutts and Lieutenant Haller

You may also call Internal Affairs at 602-262-4580

This video is NOT anti-cop it’s pro peace officer!

You would have thought this man was al-CIA-da…

These Pirate revenue generators were out on Sunday Nov 8th 2009 making cash for the state and their masters.

I wonder if we could lobby the city council to STOP any more increases in funding for the Phoenix Police Department.

This is an utter complete waste of taxpayer funds.

This was a training exercise and this was a rookie cops first ticket.

The officers supervisor is Sergeant Coutts and Coutts was actually there watching and participating in the whole episode of harassment and extortion.

The Officer who wrote the tickets J.Schlender and his supervisor Sergeant Coutts should be expelled from the force.

These two pirates single handily made a mockery of the rest of the force. What the hell were these two thinking?

The rookie cop may claim ignorance but the Sergeant was there and went along with this charade knowing it was nothing but harassment and intimidation.

A load of pirate revenue generators for the state including 7 ships…errrrrr I mean squad cars and about 17 cops was used to detain a man on an electric bike…WTF

One uppity slave Nicholas Bravo also known as SpikeBravo here on you tube was pulled over going to church Sunday where he was harassed by a group of thugs looking for cash. They gave SpikeBravo a bill with 5 charges totaling and estimated $2300.00

I believe this Pirate KNOWINGLY charged SpikeBravo with the intent to harass.

Any idiot can look at the statutes and figure out that the electric bike it NOT a moped with a piston engine.

This pirate was clearly acting under the color of law and “MAY” have violated Section 242 of Title 18 USC.

2 thoughts on “4409 — 7 Police Cars to Detain Man on Electric Bike…WTF

  1. I think that these faggot cops just wanted to put their hands down this guys pants and call it frisking him. Actualy, this guy is lucky they didn`t beat him up and put him in the hospital. I am realy suprised that the cops didn`t confiscate his camera.

  2. I think this is proof that you can easily fire at least 80% of that police force because they obviously have nothing to do with their time.

    Think about what those useless bastards cost a community with their hefty paychecks, health insurance, pensions, and that’s not to mention all the lawsuits that arise out of their utter stupidity.

    Do they do any good whatsoever for the people who pay for them?

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