5 Deadliest Booby Traps Ever Created

Number three is really interesting, number two is something everyone should be made aware of.

Published on May 31, 2016 by Unknown5

Booby traps are often vicious devices with the sole intention of killing or maiming their victim. They are usually inexpensive, simple to make, and wreak havoc amongst enemy forces, and as such have been widely used in wars and guerrilla campaigns all over the world.

Their indiscriminate nature accompanied by the horrific injuries they can inflict, have demoralised and spread fear amongst everyone unfortunate enough to encounter them. Here are my choices for 5 of the deadliest booby traps ever created.

5. Punji Traps
4. The Cemetery Gun
3. WW2 Anti Officer Bombs
2. Project Eldest Son
1. Exploding Toys (IED)

4 thoughts on “5 Deadliest Booby Traps Ever Created

  1. Weapons and ammo that are booby trapped would be good “buy-back program” items. Anything of value from these programs, or evidence rooms, the pigs are putting in their personal collections or reselling to their friends who think their crooked cop buddy is cool to have as a “friend”. Be a damn shame to have it “blow up in their faces” in every sense of the words.

  2. What I would include in this video would be a specific understanding of exactly whom is and was behind the IED’s that targeted …the population and the troops in Iraq…he mentioned ISIS…

    well I’m pretty sure the Israeli secret intelligence services are very proud of their creation..!

    I hope the hero veterans that were, you know, fighten foh our freedumb…over there, will give them a pass when they realize this…!

    I mean hey guys, war is business, & business puts ur kids thru college..don’t be so hard on the oy boys…they just always need more sheckles….

    forget about it..u can live without an arm or leg to help The NWO…!

  3. It’s a good thing they put those signs there. You know, the ones that say “booby trap” on them. They wouldn’t want anyone falling in there.
    That could get kinda messy.

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