73yo woman accidentally shot dead in Florida police academy drill


A woman was fatally shot on Tuesday while attending a roleplaying exercise in Florida when a police officer mistakenly fired a live round. Nearly three dozen locals participated in the police training session for the Punta Gorda community.

Mary Knowlton, a former librarian, was taking part in a class with about 35 other civilians and was one of two randomly selected persons to participate in a “shoot/don’t shoot” simulation. She was “mistakenly struck with a live round,” Punta Gorda Police Chief Tom Lewis said at a news conference.  

Mary Knowlton. © Facebook

The woman was taken to the Lee Memorial hospital where she was pronounced dead, NBC2 reports.

“I am devastated for everyone involved in this unimaginable event,” CNN quotes Lewis as saying. “Everyone involved in this accident is in a state of overwhelming shock and grief.”

The incident is pending a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation, Lewis said, who refused to reveal the identity of the officer involved in the deadly shooting.

The most recent data available from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that 33,636 people died from firearm-related incidents in 2013, CNN reports.


7 thoughts on “73yo woman accidentally shot dead in Florida police academy drill

  1. Sorry, lady. You wanted to “help” the police state and won the grand prize earlier than anticipated.

    The other 34 will have to wait their turn but will eventually get the participation awards they so richly deserve for assisting in perpetuating tyranny.

  2. This is a horrible tragedy.
    I feel sorry for her family.
    I wonder if the taxpayers are gonna take it in the rear again for another wrongful death suit.
    Oy…we can make some money…oy…
    Just call our law offices of “Stein & Steinberg”.

    We cover:
    Slip and falls.
    Nursing home abuse.
    Family Law….and our new practice of..
    Getting shot and killed by a live round in a blank demonstration gun for educational purposes on gun safety.

    The gun was supposed to have a cartoon flag that popped out and sad “Bang”.
    Talking about gross negligence.

  3. If the police shoot and accidently kill, that’s just workplace accident. If the woman was handed the gun and told to shoot the cop and he died, that is first degree murder.

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    This is the kind of “tragedy” that is awaiting all of us.

    Police Spokesman: “Yeah,… there might have been a mistake here, we are doing an investigation to find out how this women caused this accident. In the mean time,… we have agreed to save the family the burial expenses, and threw the old women’s body in the garbage-dumpster out back.

    We hope the American people have learned from this event, and try to not get in the way of our moving bullets in the future.”

    Closing Note: The cop that killed this women, is now running for congress to continue his exemplary work.

    JD – US Marines – How long before we all just,.. “get in the way” of their moving bullets??


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