Mary’s Traitor Target

Hugh_Grant_-_World_Economic_Forum_Annual_Meeting_2011Hugh Grant (born March 23, 1958) is a Scottish business executive, and CEO of Monsanto.

Preferred Method, Pick One:

25 Most Brutal Torture Techniques Ever Devised in History

Torture has been a brutal reality for many unfortunate people. But the most unsettling fact about torture’s brutality isn’t its existence, but the way people have injected a perverted sense of creativity (and even pleasure) into the creation of devices designed to inflict pain. To prove our point here are the 25 most brutal torture techniques ever devised.  

2 thoughts on “Mary’s Traitor Target

  1. Hugh Grant…
    Didn’t he get caught with that hooker named Divine in Hollywood. ..?
    Now if they can just genetically alter human seed to not let CEO’s reproduce like this
    Ratt Bassturd.
    That would be most awwwsummm.
    C’mon Monsanto… lets get crackin on this.

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