4 thoughts on “9/11 Flight 93 – Banned Newscast

  1. Strange that on 9/11 two paper passports of the hijackers are found on the sidewalk near the World Trade Centre completely undamaged, yet the aircraft black box data recorders which are supposed to be made to survive any crash were never I understand recovered.

    So many simple questions, so few logical answers.

  2. It does kind of make ya wonder if those planes were just remotely controled tools of mass murder . Like the packed elevator, every body smells it but nobody admites to it.

  3. This is the biggest fraud ever to take place in America and it helped make way for Obamanist regime. The NWO was behind this whole fiasco nd the media was the help they needed with phony doctored video. Don’t fall for this America.

  4. @ David2: Stranger still was the fact that 12 of the 19 ‘dead ‘ ‘terrorists’ from the ‘planes’ (not that I any longer believe actual planes were involved) showed up and turned themselves in at several overseas embassies. Never heard that one on the MSM, either.
    @ Noneof Yourbusiness: Specifically, Mossad was the mastermind behind 9/11.

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