9/11/01: Evidence That Flights 175 & 11 were remotely flown into the WTC Towers

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(FEDERALJACK) The theory that Flights 175 & 11 were remotely piloted and flown into the WTC Towers is quite the cause for debate in the 9/11 truth community. Some will say that there is no evidence to support this theory whatsoever and that it is akin to another disliked theory, the no planes at all / video fakery theory. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Below I will show you examples of the evidence that supports the theory that flights 175 & 11were being remotely piloted and flown into the WTC Towers.

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11 thoughts on “9/11/01: Evidence That Flights 175 & 11 were remotely flown into the WTC Towers

    1. My brother was in WTC 6 when the first pane hit, and he saw some of the debris smash to the ground. It WASN’T a hologram.

      A carpenter friend of mine was working nearby, and he watched one of the planes smash into the building.

      My cousin was smoking in the stairwell of one tower when the first plane hit the other. (it’s been so long since I was into this 9-11 stuff that I forget which tower was hit first) She felt the vibration from the opposite tower being hit, and just started running down the stairs. She’s fine because she kept running.

      The hologram theory was introduced by a lying sack of dung known as Gerard Holmgren, with Nico Haupt helping him.

      Nico was one of the original 9-11Truthers, but he lost his job, was losing his home, and was being threatened with deportation until he started helping Holmgren push the hologram story. Then he suddenly became employed and his immigration problems disappeared.

      The hologram theory was introduced to make truthers look like nuts, and the Zionist media had a field day with it.

      1. JR, we have the testimony of John Lear, one of THE top pilots in the world, stating that not even HE could have pulled those crashes off. Not flying at that speed, not at that altitude. Impossible, he says. So we’re to believe that 19 Saudis (twelve of whom turned themselves in to overseas embassies the very next day, btw, but you never heard THAT in the lamestream media), whose only (alleged) flying experience was with small planes, were able to literally accomplish the impossible, and unerringly hit both those towers? Sorry, that’s a bit too much of a stretch for me.

        Last summer I attended ConspiracyCon 2012. Jim Fetzer gave the first presentation of the weekend, and it was on this very subject. He played a video I had not previously seen, which clearly showed the ‘plane’ (at very slow speed) entering the side of the building, and disappearing into the tower without a single crack showing, and the explosion didn’t occur until AFTER the tail completely vaniished. After his presentation, I showed Jim and some of the attendees another video I had come across (since removed from the internet, I should have downloaded it when I had the chance) just the week before, footage from a news helicopter, that clearly showed the side of the tower exploding. What it failed to show was a ‘plane’ hitting the building to cause that explosion. That’s because, as Enbe stated earlier, holograms cannot be seen from all angles, only certain ones.

        So again, I call B.S. on this one.

        No ‘planes’, holograms.

        Nothing can convince me otherwise.

        1. There was also a video that in very slo-mo showed one plane’s nose emerging intact from the other side of the building. Oops! Someone didn’t turn off or time the projector(s) in time for that fraction of a second. That video has probably been scrubbed from *ewtube, as well.

  1. JR,
    Your brother/cousin’s accounts can be explained by explosives. Carpenter could have seen a hologram. I know nothing about the hologram angle, but think it was impossible for planes to fly that low at their reported speed. I read the second edition of “Planes without Passengers” by Dean T. Hartwell. The following points represent what I consider to be the best of his evidence in favor of the no-planes argument. (Only one concerns Holmgren.)

    1) In November of 2003, investigator Gerard Holmgren, now deceased, announced that the Bureau of Transportation Statistics did not list flights 11 and 77 as flying on September 11, 2001. Oopsie! The BTS maintained that stance until retroactively changing it in 2004.

    2) Even more damning: The two planes that were officially listed as flying that day – flights 175 & 93 – were detected by their message signals (according to pilots for 9/11 truth) AFTER they had supposedly crashed. The message system is called “ACARS, for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System.” ACARS records put flight #175 hundreds of miles west of the WTC (in Pennsylvania) at the time of the alleged crash, 9:03am. The last ACARS communication for flight 175 was received at 9:23am over Pittsurgh, PA. Similarly, ACARS records put flight 93 over Champaign, Illinois, at 10:10am. Flight #93 was alleged to have crashed in Pennsylvania between 10:03-10:10am.

    3) There was no evidence proffered of any of the putative planes at any of the crash sites, despite the myriad of individually numbered (for easy id after a crash) plane parts.

    4) Similarly, no evidence was provided of any of the remains of any of the putative plane passengers at any of the crash sites. All we have is the gov’t word – no independent verification. And there was a decided lack of proper “chain of custody” for the evidence brought forth.

    5) Phone calls to relatives either not possible (no cell phone coverage at putative altitude, no airphones on at least one of the planes) or nonsensical (‘Mom? This is Mark Bingham…’ etc.). Witness reports of receipt of passenger calls contradicted by available phone records (e.g., Ted Olson’s report of wife Barbara’s calls).

    6) No passenger manifests or airport security video were produced to confirm that even one of the alleged hijackers was on any of the relevant flights that morning. All we have to support the idea of hijackers are the phony phone calls.

    7) Not one pilot of any of the “hijacked” planes took the few seconds to punch in a “hijacked” alarm signal code as they decidedly would done had they been hijacked. In one case, the cockpit had not even been breached (according to the official story), so the pilots certainly had time to punch in the code.

    8) Video fakery (that ‘nose-out’ frame is especially damning). Here’s a link to some short videos posted on JF’s site:


    9) Simple physics – what would happen to real (non-virtual) airplanes hitting a steel building? They would be crushed on the outside of the building. End of story.

    10) More basic physics – the planes (or missiles) could not have flown at the putative speed (500mph) at that altitude. Not physically possible! (If I recall, the max speed at that altitude of the WTC “impacts” was 360mph for those models of planes.)

    What happened to the passengers? Not sure, but Hartwell has some good guesses. Anyway, as Sherlock Holmes “said” : “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. It’s not up to him or me or anyone else to pin down every detail – it’s enough to demolish the official story.

  2. This is like a flashback. I went through this argument with Holmgren and Nico eight or nine years ago, and I’m not doing it again. If you want holograms, you got holograms, but the proof that it’s not true goes way beyond my personal acquaintances. (but you will find all the proof and the entire argument in the archives of the 911Truthaction yahoo group)

    What’s most important is the molten steel, and the chemical analysis of the dust samples. Concentrate on those items because they can’t be argued.

    The biggest problem that’s always plagued the 9-11 truth movement is a complete lack of cooperation, or communication that prevents good information from being passed on, and discredited information from being forgotten. When I heard the AE911truth guests on Henry’s show I was surprised to hear that nothing’s changed in a decade.
    I was also surprised to hear the hologram theory still being believed, but the activists gets burned out and the propagandists get paid, so they keep pushing theories designed to provoke ridicule of the movement, and activists like myself get tired of disproving them.

    I’ve heard them all. Holograms, Scalar weapons, missiles fired from the Woolworth building, mini-nukes, cloaked helicopters, and UFO’s, and I’ll ask once again what I’ve been asking for a decade: Please don’t say anything you can’t prove. Stick to the scientific evidence, because that’s enough, and the BS is endless.

    I can’t believe Jim Fetzer is still around, either. Another lying sack of dung, probably still working to hide Israeli involvement.

    1. O.k. so you prefer the impossible. That 19 cave dwellers miraculously flew two planes into two targets that one of the best pilots in the world stated he could not have accomplished with all of his expertise and experience.


      I’m convinced.

    2. btw, it’s a scientific fact that planes of that size CANNOT fly at that speed at that altitude.

      Can you produce any scientific proof that they can defy the laws of physics?

  3. Let’s look at this another way! There is enough supportive evidence in the statements above that would lend credibility to the fact/fiction that this was all a tragic evil staged event. Since that date the Elitist noose around the citizens necks has tightened 10 fold by our Elitist Hoard controlled Govt.. Simple fact is the planes could have very easily been remotely controlled & probably with more accuracy than pilot controlled. Also, remotes don’t talk back! Keep up the great exposure folks, the lesser brainy are coming around—–continue to fight for Liberty, Truth & Freedom

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