99ers, How Long Will We Endure These Bullies?

From the Trenches World Report continues to suffer from the despicable actions being perpetrated by Google.  Our new articles are not being indexed in Google News and every day our old articles that are indexed are fading into the past.  I had hoped that as From the Trenches had been put forth as a tool for the 99ers that, after our followers realized what was going on, our people would roll up their sleeves and go to work countering the actions being taken by Google by spreading the word of the injustice throughout the net.  This is not occurring and in all truth, I am not surprised.

Rather than becoming enraged at having their communications taken away, the 99ers have cowered and tried to distance themselves from the site.  I guess, believing that if the powerful are coming after us here at From the Trenches, it’s probably best to distance oneself as those powerful people might try hurting them in some way.

I mean, how much more can they hurt you?  Like I said, I’m not surprised.  I realized the temper of the 99ers at large after not one of them put together an Easter Project.  No, the 99ers are cowering and waiting for someone to save them.

When I was very young, I think I just turned 17, I got a job busing tables and washing dishes at a Denny’s Restaurant on the night shift.  After a couple of nights working there, I had met my co-workers and gotten the feel for the environment there.  Most of my fellow employees were young like myself; kids just getting out of or still in high school.  But there was one fellow, a lot older than us – probably in his thirties, who was the head chef.  He was a badass who had been to Viet Nam.  He was abrasive and I noticed that he seemed to have everyone else there kowtowed.

There was one young girl there; she was starting to show her pregnancy.  From what I had heard from keeping my mouth shut and my ears open, one of the young men working in the kitchen was the father of the child and the two were planning to get married.

After a few days, I realized this badass dude who had been to Viet Nam had taken up the practice of grabbing and groping the young waitresses whenever he could corner them and get them alone.  I hadn’t gotten to know these people very well at all yet, but I did know about the badass Viet Nam dude as his constant bragging made sure of that fact.

Well I think I was about a week into my job there and I was washing my dishes in the area provided for that purpose which was adjacent to the break room.  Now that young pregnant girl came into the break room and sat down to eat when in came the badass dude that had been to Viet Nam.  He came up behind her and started massaging her shoulders.  She was pulling away and trying to get him to stop.

I picked up a mop on my way over.  I came up behind him, put the mop handle over his head, and clamped down on his throat.  I think he thought I was going to kill him because the only words I could make out that he was saying, I think they were, “Stop, I can’t breathe, you’re killing me.”

The young pregnant waitress was now on her feet facing us.  She had a look of hate on her face, slightly accented with a smirk, and her eyes seemed to telling the badass who had been to Viet Nam, “How do you like it, son of a bitch?”  I then spoke in his ear.  I said, “These girls don’t like you putting your hands on them and if I see you doing it again, I’ll kill you.”  I then released the mop and set it in the corner and prepared to face this kung fu expert who could very well kill me with a single blow.  He didn’t even turn around.  He grabbed his throat and ran into another part of the restaurant.

Now he couldn’t tell the manager what I had done because a large part of his power consisted of the manager thinking he was a badass who had been to Viet Nam.   He couldn’t call the cops because they weren’t so Gestapo oriented back in those days.  They too had wives and girl friends who went out in the public to work for a living.  Once they found out why I did it, they would have given me a get out of jail free card and put his name at the top of the harassment list.

For the next couple of days I watched that badass dude from Viet Nam milling around in the kitchen rubbing the bruise on his throat and talking in that croaky voice I gave him.  And then he was gone.  I don’t think he liked his new position at work.

The people on that job truly thought the world and all of me as I had freed them from a tyranny and in hindsight this is probably the only time I was actually rewarded for taking on the bully.  I met my wife there at that restaurant.  She was one of those pretty young waitresses that this letch had been harassing.  We were married at 17 and on this Thursday we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary.

The point is this one person was making everyone’s life a misery and none of them were doing a thing about it.  If they all would have ganged him they could have taken him out in spite of the fact that he was a badass dude from Viet Nam.

You know what?  I don’t think he had been to Viet Nam as later on in my life I met a couple of men who had been to Viet Nam.  They never bragged about the fact that they had been to Viet Nam.  In fact I didn’t even know they had been to Viet Nam until we had become very close friends and in the course of a fifth or two of whiskey, while hunting in the mountains, they let little bits slip, not in the form of bragging, but rather in an attempt to exorcise demons through confiding in a friend.

The point here is, if I could get a mop handle around our enemies’ throat, I would take care of this problem for you, expecting nothing in return.  But this thing is just too big for one man to deal with.  So it is going to be up to each and every one of you as to whether you are going to continue to endure the abuse of these bullies.

If you do not fight for From the Trenches, you never deserved having it in the first place.  It is true our enemies are to be feared but in this case there is no way out.  So I leave you with this.  A coward dies a thousand deaths; a brave man dies but once.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Really a sad state of affairs Henry. Just last night, because the Republicans are trying to force the Airline Industry to distance themselves from the unions, they helped facilitate the lay off of 4,000 FAA employees. Now, the airline Industry will loose 200 million a year in revenues. By not renewing the money for the FAA, 4000 more jobs in the gutter, these people are evil man…….

  2. What a great article! As for me it’s not about staying away because of recent events. Honestly I was disgusted by people on this site turning against each other. They turned their diffculties into a contest into who has it worse and of course they always had it worse than the next guy. Truth is we are all in the same boat and you should never turn on the people who are on your side.

    I very recently went back to work, I am severly under employed. I stood up to my boss and supervisor about being treated badly. The supervisor very quickly backed down and has been treating others nicely also. One of my co-workers told me yesterday what I did had an impact. Some of them are constantly being harassed and they just take it. Guess what? That just makes them do it even more. I was raised to stand up for myself regardless of who the bully was. My mom and dad took people on, they were fine examples. I don’t know how to be quiet, this is who I am. When you are quiet you are giving the person permission to harass you. Good for you Henry for standing up to this terrible bully. And if any of you want more doses of being controlled and not allowed to make money keep being quiet, you’ll get exactly what you are asking for.

  3. I post as many comments and stories from this site as possible as I was in the first group of the unemployed to be branded a 99er. As you can tell from my email address I’m trying to get as much attention to the whole 99er scam as possible. But your right, big media/money has the power to cover up whatever it wants. I also posted a blog telling my story. I have over 35 yrs of factory life that isn’t even counted anymore. In fact I’m told by MichWorks of Michigan that I have to lie to perspective employers in order to even get an interview !!

    This site is the only one that tells it like it really is and I understand how frustrating it is to be ignored, but we have to keep talking, yelling, protesting and sticking our feet in the door ……… I mean what else have we got?

  4. I forgot to give the address to my blog, it’s :
    and my email is wethepeople99ers[at]gmail

    I worked hard and long hours making auto parts at Tower Automotive in Greenville Michigan just to have some corporation come along and take my dreams and dignity away.

    Your welcome to contact me, in fact please do!

  5. While millions of people in this country are seriously living on hardtimes, the “cry baby”
    and the “imposter” are playing with our lives like a giant board game. Let’s call it the
    “Big Deal”, similar to Monopoly, only we don’t have even paper money to go forward
    with. This is nothing but bullshit acted out by a bunch high paid do nothing CLOWNS.
    They need to take this silly shit on the circus tour and let some adults fix everything because not a one of them is capable or smart enough.

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