99ers HR 589 Extension – Obama has a Solution for the Unemployment Problem

Well Obama has decided to go after the thieves, you know, those people who are stealing us blind, the unemployed.  What, you thought he was going after his corporate elite masters who have stolen $28 trillion from we the people?  Not a chance.  He can’t further falsify the unemployment numbers by going after the rich.  To do this he has to go after the unemployed.

It seems it has been discovered that a handful of people have been drawing unemployment while in jail, thus all unemployed are thieves and not one dollar of unemployment benefit monies will be spared in removing these thieves from the unemployment rolls.  The bottom line is the only way to bring the unemployment number down is to end unemployment benefit payments, as only those collecting benefits are counted.

Obama has solved the problem.  If he can end unemployment insurance, he can then report zero percent unemployment and this is exactly what this two bit, back ally pimp is trying to do.  Now that he has ordered the crackdown on the unemployed, it is going to be completely acceptable to deny and stop claims by the millions.  And Obama has no problem spending billions of dollars that workers have paid in for unemployment to stop them from getting benefits.

This piece of street trash does not care how much it costs, it is just that the only way he can completely disconnect the unemployed from the rest of society is to eliminate unemployment benefits and the very last remnants of our political power.  Then when the Gestapo start loading us in the boxcars bound for the FEMA camps it will not be an act perpetrated against the unemployed middle class, but rather a solution to those dirty street people who just don’t want to work for a living.

The June jobs report will come out on Friday and I know, considering the fact that more than 420,000 new claims were filed every week during June, this is absolutely going to knock you off of your feet, but I have heard more than one rumor that the unemployment rate is going to be dropped.  This is a mathematical impossibility.  If it does occur, whatever accompanies it will be nothing more than another pack of blatant lies.  That is not to say that the numbers they have been giving us has been anything but lies.

All the talk is about the states and the United States going bankrupt.  Tell me, do you think that 30 million people losing their jobs and becoming unemployed and ceasing paying income taxes could just maybe, possibly have something to do with the shortfall in revenue?

I tell each and every one of you, the international corporate mafia members had a sit down where it was decided Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and welfare are to be turned over to the corporations and liquidated.  You see these sick minded sons of bitches, stealing our resources hand over fist as they flaunt record profits in our faces, cannot be satisfied.  It absolutely irks their asses that there are still some of us left in the middle class and that those who are not have not been reduced to eating dog food yet.

I have noticed more and more stories in the mainstream putting forth the assertion that dog food companies have to make their product at a grade acceptable for consumption by humans because during recessions people are often reduced to eating pet foods.  This is where it is headed, people.

So tell me, are you going to eat dog food or grow some guts and take back the steak?  They are not going to stop until we literally knock them on their asses.  And to be quite frank, considering the shit we are taking, the American people of the American race are starting to look a little cowardly through this free man’s eyes.

Just because it is your neighbor who is starving today, does not mean it will not be you tomorrow.  In fact, I will promise you right now, if you continue to cower your future is sealed.  You are allowing the mainstream media to push us back into the shadows.

I’ll tell you what; Henry will survive as a free man because my enemies are going to have to kill me before I die, and I’m not going to make that easy.  There are a lot of us out here, who are ready to fight, but the rest of you are pathetic, you make me want to puke.  You are of such low character that I have no doubt that the most you will ever be able to muster in the way of resistance is to beg and cry at the feet of your enemies for them to take your children and just let you live.  You are gutless and I’m ashamed that you have citizenship in my country.  The more of you who take a long walk off a short pier, the better for the rest of us.  You’re worthless to your families, to yourselves, and to our Republic.  May your cowardly souls burn in hell.

As for the rest of us, we had better start getting twice as loud to drown out the pissing and moaning with our war cries.  The fact is we do not need these cowards as they are a liability to our cause.  We must stay the course and keep applying more and more pressure.  If we do something will have to give and when it does, we must show no mercy.  When we smell the blood of our enemies we must let the lust for vengeance rise in accordance until we have reinstated our Republic under our Constitution and driven every traitor, every foreigner, and every pacifist coward from our land.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Extension – Obama has a Solution for the Unemployment Problem

  1. I would gladly pay taxes,however, now that I am a serf the 10 percent of my bounty from working my plot will be given to the King !

  2. solution i havent even heard him mention the word 99ers…He better do someting soon or he will be voted out in 2012…there are millions of us..i will not vote for him not only r there millions of,but we also have friends and family as well if you think that we wont tell them to vote u out ur crazy…think about it..

  3. Obama, book smart (??) and totally street stupid.

    His town hall tweet session was an absolute snooze fest. Blah, Blah, Blah again and again. He couldn’t look a 99er, homeless person in the eyes if he had to. None of them could. Obama’s solution let them all die off, that will help the overpopulation issue (2 birds with 1 stone).

    As far as the jobs numbers today, lets all party since the media sure thinks we should. Of course, no one is talking about the unemployed ready to loose their benefits in a week. Let’s see how many more 99ers on the street, oh hell that doesn’t matter.

    To those that bitch and moan and do nothing – Shut Up. Sorry, harsh words but I am tired of not just defending my rights but yours as well. Those saying that they disaprove of this rat, but will re-elect him your just as much of a rat. Neither party deserves to be on my planet.

  4. this guy is a jack ass i truly feel sorry for all that voted for this lying piece of shit obama you are as pathetic as bush you are a worthless excuse as a leader but dont worry let another 40.000 illegals into the country and give them more freebees you will sure to be relected i honestly feel like a man without a country between you and that last worthless excuse bush i want to give up my citizenship and get the hell out of here you suck and the rest of that parasitical group of assholes in congress viva la mexico thanks for giving us no hope and more bad changes

  5. Hes even to dumb to blame the republicans.He could at least say he trying to help the 99ers even though hes just a tool for the corporations.THIS IS THE WORST CONGRESS IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY.

  6. hold on did i just read that if you go to jail you can apply for unemployment what do they do lay off the license plate workers and on top of it get three hots and a cot shit what am i waiting for i would do better in prison im homeless now waiting for the fema school bus to come get me welcome to bizzaro america im dumbfounded iv’e do the right thing and im homeless i go committ a felony i get to eat and sleep on a cott damm but thye bad thing abought that no women i think i can starve this country is a horror show beyond mass preportions these white house and all there goons it’s just im loss for words

      1. Damn good article, Henry ! The complacent sons of bitches ain’t gonna get any sympathy from me, either. The overall soul of this once great country has been reduced to nothing.

        1. the reality of it they have reduced this country into a laughing stock how come we haven’t had a good assasinator isn’t there some one out there it would make all this living in the streets reduced to a pile of shit honestly i think i would feel alot better if someone capped him they have capped me into no job lost everything and homeless and see no hope or future they have no problem killing us obama and congress get cancer

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