99ers, HR 589 Supporters, and Our Corporate Government

99ers and middle class, can any of you still remember clear back to September of 2010?  The midterm elections were afoot and the main issue of the election according to every news source from every venue was jobs, jobs, jobs.   And did I say jobs?  Well we all know what has transpired since then and that has been no jobs, no jobs, no jobs.  And did I say tax cuts for the filthy rich? 

Now apparently a year and a half before the fact, the 2012 presidential campaign is in full swing, and once again it is jobs, jobs, jobs.  I swear these people think they have us trained like dogs.  All they have to do is whistle and we come a running to them with our tongues hanging out for the promise of a pat on the head. 

Meanwhile in the real world privatizing Social Security and Medicare is the reality we are facing.  Knowing of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act (PRA), which was enacted in 1996 by Slick Willy Clinton and represented the privatization of welfare, I decided to take a look and see how things were turning out. 

One of the first private companies stepping in to administer privatized welfare was Lockheed Martin.  You see back in ’96 the demand for airplanes and bombs was down, so this defense contractor went into the welfare business. 

Right here where I live in Oregon, the welfare reform known as TANIF came to be through legislation written by the CEO of the multi-national Jeld-Wen Corporation. 

In reading a law review by one professor, Michelle Estrin Gilman, the following was revealed. 

“The PRA has opened the door for large for-profit organizations such as Lockheed Martin and Maximus to enter into welfare delivery.  These for-profit entities have different incentives and more political power than the non-profit entities typically engaged in social service delivery in the past.  In many contracting schemes where a set fee is paid to the contractor, the more money the provider saves, the more money the provider gets to keep.  This raises incentives for profit seeking organizations to cut staffs and to implement other cost saving measures that can impact the quality of services provided.  In other contracting schemes where fees are paid based on services provided there are incentives to help only those persons most easily placed in jobs.  These changes heighten the importance of ascertaining whether welfare recipients have any enforceable rights against welfare providers.”

The review goes on to say,

“The Constitution protects citizens only from acts committed by ‘state actors’; private conduct falls outside the Constitution’s reach.”

As I have mentioned before literally every fiduciary responsibility of our government has been nullified through the federal block grant system which allows the contracting out of government services to private companies that operates under merchant law – Uniform Commercial Code, which exempts private corporations from being liable for violations of the citizen’s constitutional rights.

The reason they want to privatize Social Security is so that the private corporations can start taking 95 cents out of every dollar allocated, for administering the programs.  It also allows the private corporations to literally dictate the actions of the recipient. 

It used to be the law in this country that if any corporation was receiving any kind of federal monies they could not violate a citizen’s rights.  For instance, if you were manufacturing and selling timber derived from federal lands the constitutional rights of the people working at the mill had to be enforced.  But as those running the private industries and those they have placed in our government are largely composed of attorneys (attorn – to twist) they have found a way around the law and thus the citizen’s constitutional rights.

You see through the federal block grant system these private corporations are not receiving a federal subsidy but are rather contracting with the government to provide a service.  This being the case, not only do they not have to recognize our constitutional rights, but they can in fact use federal monies taken from our brethren and sisteren at gun point to purposefully violate them. 

This has been going on since 1996 and to date nothing can be done about it as the victims are the poor whom the rest of society seems to derive pleasure from seeing suffer.  You know, like the 99ers, just people who do not want anything better.

Well middle class baby boomers, brace yourselves as you are about to become the victims of the next step in the implementation of the corporate military dictatorship of America.  If the privatization of Social Security and Medicare is allowed to go forth, you can kiss 95 cents out of every dollar in the Social Security Trust Fund goodbye, right out the gate.  Then you can get ready to be treated like a welfare recipient by the corporations who despise your very existence.  You see if you would just die they could have that other 5 cents out of every dollar that they are forced to give to you. 

And it will be nothing less than you deserve as you’ve stood back with a self righteous smirk on your face while they were doing the very same thing to your brethren and sisteren less fortunate than you.  It is called “Divide and Conquer.”  You were stupid enough to allow them to take a small portion of those receiving welfare for no good reason and label every welfare recipient in such a way that you could look down on and advocate against them.  Now it is your turn.  Hell, now it is my turn. 

In trying to find a solution you look out across the land and you are told it must be a Mitt Romney, a Sarah Palin, a Donald Trump, a Barack Obama that you vote for or your vote will be wasted because nobody else can be elected.  Did you ever ask yourself why nobody else could be elected?  Could it be that for the past 40 years the mainstream propaganda machine, owned and controlled by the corporations, has successfully manipulated who got into office by simply telling us that it was the only possibility? 

My God people, what have we become?  We have to break free from the manipulative powers the elite are exercising over us though that “stupid box” sitting in pretty much every living room across this nation.  It is telling us that Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura cannot be elected. 

I say go to hell, propagandists.  I will decide who I vote for, not you.  I have had enough and I am not going to take it anymore.  And you in the corporate elite are going to rue the day you decided you can run a corporate dictatorship in the United States through the manipulation of media.  The fact is you have overreached so far that more and more people every day cannot afford to listen to your lies as they are without electricity or living in tent cities or in the streets.  God just let me live long enough to see you punished.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers, HR 589 Supporters, and Our Corporate Government

  1. I should pay you for all of this education. Really I’ve learned alot, this is the most thorough and truthful website by far. With your intelligence you should not be a 99er for much longer.

  2. On the other hand you will never get a job because you know the system too well. You are a threat. That is why they want the young. You need to start your own company, or better yet run for public office. This country needs you desperately!!!

  3. The laws of incorporation protect the individuals that are doing harm to us from any prosecution. If the mafia had merely incorporated back in AL capone days they would never have to do any jail time, all the while plundering and murdering.

    Any corporation that sends a job overseas should be forced to create a trust fund for that person equal to what they would have earned thier till retirement! Money’s from this fund should be used to layed off workers once state and federal UI ends!

  4. Great article. You’re the man, Henry. Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura have got my non-partisan vote in 2012, media be damned !!

  5. I’ve faxed and emailed the members of the Ways and Means Committee, Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, and my House Rep and Senators, over and over. A few have replied. I think 5 of them. Those who do not support HR 589 have said that they support creating jobs instead.

    Okay, the problem with that thinking is that they are not creating any jobs. (And in truth, are they capable of creating any?) If they do create some, it would be many months down the road.

    The whole point of HR 589 is that people need help RIGHT NOW to pay their rent/mortgage, utilities, food, and gasoline. Each month, more and more individuals and families are losing their homes.

    The banker cartels (read FED) and our crooked government caused this difficult economic situation. Our Congress needs to pass HR 589 immediately to help people through this difficult financial period that they created. (Yes, Congress can create something.)

  6. Man, this whole chain of events should be scaring everyone. This has been building for 20 years. Total government control, no rights, no liberty, only slow and painfull death.

  7. pitchforks and ten million Americans marching on Washington is the only way change will be achieved the 2012 election will cost billions one man one vote is history corporations and the rich run this country no matter who the puppet called president is.

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