99ers HR 589 Supporters, Put Brin, Page, and Zuckerman on Your List

Well the 99er issue and the 99ers were supposed to have disappeared by now.  But despite the best efforts of the corporate elite we have not, as some among us have refused to be swept under the carpet and forgotten.  Now Google is attempting to define and enforce a policy that defines who and what a 99er is, and what is news to a 99er.

Either you report the dogma from the false left paradigm (vote in social communism for jobs) or you report the false right paradigm (submit to corporate elitist rule and they will let you be their slaves).  Considering it is the internet the 99ers have come to to organize for resistance, Google has to be considered the worst enemy we have.  But is it not just us.

As George Soros and Media Matters is carrying out their destruction of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp through the fruits of their espionage, which they pre-announced before c omitting it, their brethren and sisteren at Google and Facebook are using the event as a diversion to launch their attack on free speech on the internet.  Though Murdoch and News Corp are criminals worthy of prosecution, so is George Soros and Media Matters, and so are the communists at Google and Facebook.

Google is attacking the alternate media on the net using the same tactics used by the big corporations to take over and control the television airwaves.  They are attacking from the bottom up, thus From the Trenches is one of the first to meet the enemy.  We know they will try to take us out and then the next site above us and so on and so on, consolidating power along the way.

If they tried to attack the big sites first they would find themselves embattled with every site from the top to the bottom simultaneously.  And even if they were able to topple the top site it would not gain them advantage as there would simply be a shift from the bottom to the top and another site would be number one.  They are trying to take out the alternate media at its base, again just as was done with the news airwaves.  And damn them to hell for it.

We at From the Trenches are not going to back down.  We are going to continue to call Google out for the sleazy two bit propagandists they are.  If this site falls, it will only be after the most visious of visious of fights.

Facebook has joined in to support their comrades at Google and are now threatening to take down Facebook accounts if the people who have those accounts dare to link our articles.  But what has Facebook become since its inception, but a forum for law enforcement to investigate our private lives and bill collectors to use to seize whatever assets we have left.

People are dumping their Facebook accounts by the thousands every day, but I say rather than dump them, plaster them with articles from From the Trenches and force Facebook to take them down and provide us with the evidence for their prosecutions for treason, insurgency, and espionage against the people of the United States.

I have a message for Mark Zuckerberg, despite the propaganda to the contrary, I know you were handed your success by the international communists you serve.  As your organization is telling people to take down my articles, I know what you are thinking and I know your fear.

It is the same fear your commie brothers Sergy Brin and Larry Page share.  And that is that you chose the wrong side and that in spite of all the prestige your connections have provided you, when the insurgency against my country fails, you are going to be brought to justice.  When you boys are forced to face United States Constitutional justice all by yourselves, the world is going to see you urinate on yourselves and drop to the floor in the fetal position and show yourselves for the cowards you’ve always been.

After which we the American people of the American race, with the 99ers in the lead are going to deport your sorry asses to Russia where you belong.  And that is the best you can expect from us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we the American people of the American race shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Supporters, Put Brin, Page, and Zuckerman on Your List

  1. Facebook was caught red handed censoring this device from it’s site as well. They tried to link this article and Facebook took it down. The oligarchs don’t want this “free energy device” advertised. You can see that they are trying to block the first paragraph in the article, but you can read where it says that Facebook was caught taking it down when the person tried to talk about it on his page. Embedded you tube video inside article.


    1. Good find Mark. If these bastards are going to try to stop us by denying us access to our net, we will plaster the front page with every article and video depicting their duplicity.

  2. Hi henry. This is bad google against us now wtff. Well I got great news I was a 99er I got a job cleaning buoldings not bad but its a start for me n my family. But I would never forget about my fellow 99ers..

    1. steve,
      I think I speak for everyone when I say we are happy to hear of your good fortune. Thank you for your support and know that in the end there will be justice for all.

  3. Thank you angel n clark. Lol awww dito. . But seriously guys thank u very much. God will help us all.. every 99 er. U guys ain’t alone.

    1. “God bless us, every one.” (Tiny Tim, “Chrstmas Carol”)
      We’re all in this boat together. Be Strong. Never give up or give in.

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