99ers HR 589 Supporters – The House Reunited

It would seem that we are seeing a toning down in reference to the assertion that the $26 trillion stolen by the banking elite is going to be paid back with interest by the American people.  In an interview on CNN on Sunday, Rand Paul seemed to have lost his sneer and tone of arrogance and did not say the words, “Social Security” one time.  And Paul Ryan has apparently decided he needs to go out into the general public and find out what the people on the streets want as opposed to the wants put forth from the 80% of the top 10% that bought and paid for his Senate seat. 

Well just in case they are reading these articles, I will make it clear as to what this American wants.

  • The debt erased
  • The budget deficit erased
  • The Federal Reserve removed from power
  • A new Constitutional monetary system
  • An end to NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT
  • US corporations ordered to bring the trillions they have stashed in offshore accounts back to the United States and all profits taxed
  • The unlawful wars stopped immediately
  • The entirety of our army returned to the United States with orders to drive out the illegal aliens and secure our borders once and for all 
  • Huge tariffs put on all foreign imports
  • An end to our natural resources being shipped out of this country for manufacture. 

The way to solve the problems of the United States is so easy it is laughable.  Just undo the treason and bring the thieves and traitors to account for their actions.  This whole scenario could be accomplished in a matter of months and within a year all lawful US citizens could have pockets full of US currency which would be the envy of the world. 

People like Rand Paul and Paul Ryan know these truths to be self evident.  But they also know that their lives would be in immediate danger as soon as they made their intensions known.  To this I say, you still have no excuse.  Call up a million US militia minutemen who will gladly come to Washington DC and protect you with their lives while you accomplish what has to be done. 

I will never understand while seemingly good men and women with seemingly righteous intensions refuse to reach out and grasp the true power of the United States and that is we the people.  Even if the few good in power do not realize the awesome strength of the people, our enemies most certainly do. 

There is at present an undeniable push to re-divide we the people through race, religion, and gender.  I say re-divide because the people are definitely coming back together after 50 years of divisive tactics being implemented through the false left-right paradigm.   They did manage to divide our house against itself.  But now we are reunited.

I’ll tell you what propagandists.  I don’t care what the Republicrat Party says.  Donald Trump will not be the next president of these United States.  And just as surely I do not care what the Democans say.  Barack Obama will not be reelected.  And do you want to know why?  Because you bastards and the stupid few that follow you through your excesses have become the minority. 

The grass roots Tea Party, Independents, and the non-partisan 99ers will put Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura into the White House in 2012. We are a family once again, undivided; red, yellow, black, white, poor, and middle class.  This is our country and we are taking it back and you are going to be punished for your crimes. 

99ers and HR 589 supporters, will any among you go down in history and be counted among the patriots for accomplishing the Easter Project?   Six days and counting.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry, I completely understand, and I would like to thank you for all your efforts of enlightenment. I am sorry to hear that you go through so much trouble to deliver this information to us, but I must say it is not a waist (not saying that you stated that). I appreciate your words of wisdom and opening our eyes. THANK YOU

    1. Lili,
      You’ll see I have taken some comments down.
      There are people out there being paid to promote the false left-right paradigm and attack sites like this one. We have been diligent at keeping those bastards off of this site, causing them to become more sophisticated in their efforts. They will come on and while not supporting our effort, they will pretend to sympathize with our plight. And then, also subtly, they begin their critical attacks designed to divide us and plant seeds of doubt. They do not argue a fact presenting documentation to counter our view. They are propagandists and as soon as they are discovered, everything they have written will be removed and their ip will be blocked.
      Just look at the time I have already wasted this morning that could have been spent doing a thousand other things.

      1. Wow, looks like I missed out on some action yesterday. Our computer was hit by a Trojan (?) and it’s taken me two days & nights to try to figure/clean it out. (Not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers) Hope I’ve been successful. 🙂
        Great article, Henry. Can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing.

  2. I have to commend you again Henry, the fact you take the time to delete delusional, self absorbed trolls/post shows an amount of dedication that is not only admirable but necessary . Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Not to cahnge the subject……….But!!
    Just a note of comment. Affirmative action has ruined this country. It should only be the right person for the position that this person is applying. It should never have anything to do with the color of someone’s skin or what language they speak. I feel affirmative action is more of a discrimination type action than anything else! If a company has 300 caucasian, 200 African Americans and 150 of whomever, doesn’t mean discrimination or the company needs to have equal amounts. Everybody has to be qualified or judged equally. Why go with affirmative action just to satisfy those no good bastards who came up with this bazaar system. I was discriminated against because I know from reliable sources that I didn’t get the position because of affirmative action. That’s right! I found out I was more qualified and the best candidate for the position, though they hired another to make their affirmative action quota. Now things have gone too far! This country is really fu…. up and we are being screwed left and right! Fight my friends. I’ve just about had it with the crap that’s going on!


  5. Its a shame it looks like america is done.Our goverment is doing their own thing,and not what the america needs.China first quater ghowth was 9.7%.The US is looking at maybe 2% for the hole year.It looks like we need some kind of revolt to get our goverments ears.We need a higher import tax,take this money put to medicare,ssi and more its so simple.Also it will make a fair playing feild for america.We have wars going on with no plan or end in site.Its cost big money to fund these wars, so goverment wants to cut medicare, ssi and other programs that are needed for our people.unemployment is higher than they say and maney are under employed.How can we keep this up .NO JOBS,COST OF LIVEING GETTING HIGHER.The goverment has no clue.All they are worry about is how the stock market is doing,its a big joke.And the joke is on the american people.2012 is comeing we need to show all of them what america whants ,not the bull that they tell us.If we don’t we are done .And thats the trueth and you know it.

  6. AMEN! This is the best read yet and true on multiple level’s…i sure hope the republicans are reading this and that they know we know what is going on and we (americans)will not stand for it any longer 🙂

  7. Great article Henry,

    I like the part about abolishing NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT, what a traitorous bunch of garbage that whole nightmare has been. I would like to add one to the list. Prosecute and deport all corporate traitors who brought harm to the country.

  8. when does congress get back to work? and will the ways and means commission take up hr589? if the republicans had any brains they would pass HR589 if only to put Obamas fake 8.8% unemployment rate where it belongs. in front of the american people as ANOTHE OBAMA LIE.

  9. We should call our goverment reps.Tell THEM we had it with them,and the bull they keep telling us .They are fooling no one ,but they don’t care.Untile we all stand up a tell them what america needs they will keep doing the same old same old.As their pockets get bigger.Companies are makeing a all time profits.The middleclass are makeing a all time low.More middleclass are be comeing the poor middleclass.2012 is big we have to turn america around .If we don’t america will be back to the dark ages.Did our goverment wright america off?America is in our hands.Is the goverment that dum,the more good paying jobs we have the more tax money goes in to the goverment and states.The 99ers needed help and what did they get a kick in the butt.But because they were not a companey or the stock market or a bank they got notting.But we keep hearing that the people have to suffer to get america back.WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL.

  10. Lets take back our great country.Rememeber the anti war
    protest with Vietnam.We could do the same thing again.
    We all did it the and I say we can do it again to get there
    attention in passing this bill to help those who are in need.

  11. I have to say that this article is quite uplifting. I have been on this site since discovering it and have seen alot of sincerity. The more we learn about our government the more we realize the are and have been the largest group of orginized criminals in the world. At least the mafia had honor and caring in some form and were united. Yes they were criminals but so is this so called government. I have prayed for the day that everyone would see the real truth about the trators. Its just to bad that it had to be when “We The People” are in iminent danger of becoming a thing of the past. I hope and pray that it is not to late and that we are strong enought to take OUR ountry back from these a-holes. May god be with us!

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