99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Milking the Revolution

Well this summer is flying by, we are now in the last week of July and can safely say that in the 218 days since the 112th Congress convened, not one goddamn job has been created.  And we are now looking at a 13th week of 400,000+ newly unemployed.  And of course since Google removed From the Trenches from its news index the mainstream propagandists are not even saying the word “job” anymore.

Some of you have suggested that we contact the larger patriot sites and let them know of our plight, and if the patriot movement and the sites involved therein were consolidated toward the single cause of the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution, said contact would seem the logical thing to do.  There is just one little problem.  It is called money.

The larger sites like Infowars and Prisonplanet are for-profit corporations.  They have reached their present heights because they were created with and are backed by substantial wealth.  Infowars and Prisonplanet were and are financed by Ted Anderson’s Midas Resources.  Ted buys and sells gold and Infowars and Prisonplanet have caused his business to boom.  You see Alex Jones educates the upper middle class, which represents his demographic, in the truth that our financial system is on the verge of collapse.  And those that can afford it would indeed be wise to purchase the gold Ted Anderson and Midas Resource is offering.

The point is the big sites are businesses, which are logically operating to procure profit.  And in the realm of business these patriot corporations are really no different than any other corporation.

I’m sure there are many 99ers out there who have good ideas for business they would like to start, but in reality an idea and the will to commit oneself to the work are no longer sufficient means to create a business that can be successful.

In short, the rich have procured a monopoly on business.  If you have a great idea you can take it to a rich man who will finance it and then after you do all the work, you can give him half the profits, for nothing more than using his money.  People, this is not free enterprise.  This is investment capitalism, wherein the man with the money is guaranteed a constant increase on his wealth for nothing more than possessing it.  And this is what is killing our country.

Our so called government has taken complete control of our natural resources to the point that we cannot just go out and create anything from scratch as we do not own scratch.  The fact is we have become tenants upon the continent our forefathers conquered and are living under a socialist system.

The only argument we are at present hearing is whether it will be National Socialism (Nazism under the rule of the corporate elite neo-cons) or pure socialism (Soviet communism under the rule of the Fabian socialists).  All of this talk about the debt ceiling is no more than a squabble between these two factions to see who is going to get the rest of the wealth from the people and the rest of our natural resources.

We have already heard Obama say that Social Security checks will not be written if he is not allowed to borrow trillions more to hand over to his bosses.  And of course the only way the neo-cons are going to allow him to borrow any more is if Social Security is turned over to them to turn over to their bosses to be plundered.

Social Security is solvent.  The money for the Social Security payments for the next twenty years is already in the bank.  In reality this is what they are fighting over.  If the debt ceiling is not raised Obama probably will cut off payments to the oldest, sick, and the poor.

I tell you who will receive their checks on time and that is Halliburton, Blackwater, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, the Federal Reserve, and General Electric.  You see these are the contracts that we cannot default on because they represent the property of the corporate elite and they have sent orders down here to earth from their flying mansions that the $28 trillion we borrowed from them at interest, to give to them, to make up for the $28 trillion they stole from us, is going to be paid through the liquidation of the Social Security trust fund ($3 trillion) and the private savings accounts of the American people who still have them ($10 trillion).

Right now the actors in Washington are putting on quite a show over a proposal with $2.7 trillion in spending cuts, which will allow Barry the Rat to borrow another $900 billion.  So what are we talking about here?  $1.8 trillion.  Wow.

I hope the old and the poor out here who are going to be going hungry as a result of this deal realize that at present there is $2 trillion missing from the Pentagon.  No one knows where it went or who has it.  It is just gone.  I wonder how much we have paid the bookkeepers at the Pentagon to not keep account of this money.

The fact is the powers that be are not going to say a thing about that $2 trillion or the $28 trillion stolen by the international banksters because the theft in both instances was an inside job.

And speaking of jobs, because this is probably the only place you are going to hear the word used, there are not going to be any new jobs.  In fact more jobs are being shipped out of this country every day and those shipping them out are being paid quite handsomely for doing so.

These so called American corporations are nothing of the sort.  They are international corporations who are taking our natural resources to be manufactured in whatever country offers them the lowest labor costs.  Of course the peoples of those countries are nothing short of slaves, but the elite families that control their governments are happy to indenture them to the international corporations at a discounted price.

As mentioned earlier, people with money do not work; their money just keeps making more money.  And this isn’t some magic trick, it can only occur in slave societies, which is exactly what the neo-cons and Fabian socialists are trying to procure for their masters here in our country.

If we the people are ever to prosper again, we must put an end to it.  We must stop this “Rule by Money” and level the playing field to give all equal access to the natural resources that belong to all of us, so that once again in the United States of America a man or woman can take a good idea and grow it from scratch.

Again, as for the big sites helping From the Trenches, do you really think a big site would actually help a small site that could potentially become competition?  As I said earlier, if everybody was just fighting to get our freedom and liberty back, we would already have it.  But those in the best position to make that happen are putting becoming rich before the cause.  And in reality has that not been the downfall of our industry in this country, sacrificing the quality of the product to procure the maximum profit?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry its greed greed and more greed,i wish i had grown up in a time when you could trust people on a handshake,i tell my children to not trust anybody these days and for good reason, if social security checks dont go out next week there will be some mad S.O.Bs !!! I hope that you can keep From The Trenches going henry, it is my news. Ron Paul 2012.

  2. Very well done, as always, Henry.
    Phil, my Mother (born 1920) always said “A Man’s handshake or word is as good as the paper it’s written on.” Today, she would have to say “Person” in order to be “PC” and I’ve found that “Paper” is worthless, as well. Sad. I can tell you, if checks don’t go out in Aug., it won’t just be those barely surviving on Social Security who will be livid. There will be a lot of PO’d Veterans, also.

  3. Well Henry, it’s me again, back from hiring hell. I had the best couple of weeks in a long time. I had over eight interviews since I last posted. Four of them happened to be scams from my point of view. “pay for our training, and we will teach you how to become successful”, um? I was here to apply for the office job? The other four jobs were “real” jobs, as in a physical location with employees present, doing mundane tasks. Only problem? I was one of about twenty other candidates applying for the job, no shame what so ever, had us lined up outside a conference room, as one candidate left, it felt like another had arrived. You know what Henry? I even took the time to reapply to fast food restaurants, still no luck! I’m starting to get the feeling, that the only way to get a job anymore, is by having a friend or family member get you inside, by using one of his or her favors. Only problem? All my friends and family is in the same situation like me, except they might still have some UC benefits to work with. Did you listen to the President yesterday? Speaker of the House? I have to say, we are &$@”!

  4. Hey guy after 2 weeks of work I got fired becaude I did not had expereince but why they hire me in the first place?? I swear thats bullshit

  5. Good new folks! I was hired last month by a local night club in Long Beach, CA to do security work part time. But the only problem is they don’t even have enough customers for a half full house to give enough hours. The night I trained I only counted about ten people on the dance floor… So the friday I picked up my pay I was paid out my 2 1/2 hours of training cash and told I would be called for special events. Till today no calls for any hours to work and this was a craigslist.com ad too. Also if you anybody needs a job careerbuilder/latimes.com have got great opportunities right now. I just got a fake offer from a fake company offering me a illegal job to process money transactions as a Supply Chain Manager. Then the fake HR person turned around and said it was home based. See people there are jobs out there. Not!!! It’s easy money folks and they need more people apply here: http://www.zodiac-electron​ics.com/ or http://maxwell-electronics​.com/ or http://zendelectronics.com​/

    I’m also employed with three or more staffing companies that do not call me for work anymore. But when I do get a paycheck my job start dates go back to at least 2008 on one and 2009 for another paystub. They are counting me as a working employee on there books and statics but I get no hours of work thru the year. This is another way they are getting false job statistics for working people in the USA. It’s all B/S!

  6. Hey Henry, it’s a dirty shame you got kicked off Goggles news tab, is there anything you can do to fix it? Usually I would just type in 99ers and your daily/weekly report would come up. Now I just booked mark the page, but still would like to see it appear on the first google search page, like always. Anyways, what ever happened to the movement? We still have plenty of time to implement and succeed. With the massive numbers of unemployed Americans we can make a statement that would change the out come of this dysfunctional system. As individuals and small groups, we make absolutely no waves in the media, if we would all join together, and I mean everyone get on the same page and make that difference, we could change this country for the best. Words will only get us so far, we need to take action, we need to show this country, the world and god himself, that we are tired of living with greed. We are heading towards extinction and nobody seems to give a flying pig. Really? People are always asking “what’s the meaning of life?” my answer, to live, to succeed, not only as an individual, but as a society, a civilization that has moved into enlightenment, by removing the very things that are stopping us from achieving that very goal. Greed. Plan. Act. Conquer.

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