99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Obama Wants to Know What We Need

Our situation is being called economic suicide.  This is a misnomer.  What we are seeing is economic murder for profit.   We 99ers represent the first victims but by no means the last.  At times we try here to explain events in the simplest of terms.  How many ways are there to display the theft of our enormous wealth by a handful?  Well here we go one more time.

Imagine a large deposit of gold is found on a property belonging to a family.  The news spreads of the find and eventually reaches the ears of the greedy elite.  Let’s call them Great Britain.  The Queen says, “Two hundred and fifty years ago, the property where the gold is located was a part of my international kingdom.  That gold should be mine and I want it.”

The Queen sends her agents to the holders of the property with offers to mine and process that gold and in return the family owning the property with the gold is to get 10% of the total gross.  The family owning the gold laughs at the offer and says, “No, I think we’ll just mine our own gold and process it and take 100% of the gross.”  The Queen’s agents report back the results of the encounter.  After which the Queen orders all of her agents into action to seize the property with the gold.

Meanwhile, a couple of the members of the family go into town to procure picks and shovels, sluices, and kilns necessary for the mining of the gold and the production of the ingots.  The family has no cash reserves so they are forced to bid for credit.   So the family goes to the merchant, let’s call him The Federal Reserve, shows him a sample of the gold, and offers the merchant double his profit on the merchandise necessary for the project.

This is when it is revealed that in reality the Queen owns 90% of the merchant’s business.  So the merchant’s counter offer is,”I will provide the equipment for 90% of the gross.”  To which the family members say, “Go to hell, you are not stealing our gold.”

The family then, using the natural resources that are a part of their property, starts by using sticks and stones to build a kiln and forge.  They then forge a shovel and a pick and a saw.  The more tools they make the more tools they can make.  And finally they are set up to mine their gold.

Now the greedy Queen is really pissed and so she sends out another batch of agents to infiltrate the family.  The family consists of thirteen individuals, and the Queen’s agents single out the most unscrupulous individual in the family, we’ll call him the US Government, and offers him 50% of the original 10% of the gross that would have went to the whole family.

Now the rest of the family has begun mining the gold, but are having trouble finding transportation and a buyer.  The family member that has been bought off says, “Well I have a little bit of money put away and if you will give me complete control over the family business, I will take care of transporting and selling the gold.”

The family agrees, after all they are a family.  Realize, they now have the gold in hand, after having to work their way up from the bottom, starting with sticks and stones, but the unscrupulous family member has offered an easy solution.

Well the first shipment of gold is loaded onto the transport and shipped, and the money starts flowing in.  Now all the family members have a nice home and a car and aren’t really working that hard any more.  And then one of the family members decides to write up a will, so he goes to the unscrupulous controlling family member to put his affairs in order.

This is when it is revealed that although a couple million dollars worth of gold has been mined and shipped, only 2% of the gross has been paid.  Upon further inquiry it is revealed that the unscrupulous family member has in actuality been contracting with the Queen, who not only now owns all the gold that has been shipped, but holds futures on all the gold remaining in the ground at a set price.

Now the Queen floods the gold market driving the price of gold down to a point, that in considering the set price of the futures, the family is actually indebted to the Queen.  Now the family is forced to sell their homes and their automobiles to pay back the Queen.  In the end they are left homeless, impoverished and going hungry on their land, which has been depleted to the point that they cannot even grow food upon it.

The end result is the family ended up giving the Queen 100% of the gold for raping their land and taking it.

People, this is what is going on in our country right now.  The crowned heads of Europe are at the very top of the international elite.   And the British Crown, through its agents, is now trying to take our resources, which the Queen considers hers because she was the original thief to begin stealing from the natives.  They are taking our natural resources and fully intend to leave us to starve in a third world country that has been so raped it will no longer sustain life.

Right now they are playing for us propaganda loops designed to keep just enough of us just confused enough to allow them to grab the last of our wealth and get out.  They are sitting in a room surrounded by gold, laughing at us.  They think they are more intelligent than we.  But that is not why they are succeeding; it is rather because they are more ruthless and have always been.

If we want to save our country we had better become ruthless, mean, and hateful toward everyone in this world who is not of the American people of the American race.  We have to realize that in the end equation, they are all agents of the Queen and have already agreed to settle for their 5% for giving away what belongs to all of us.

99ers listen up.  Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat will be conducting a Tweet Town Hall Meeting today at 2:00 pm EDT, which in reality is just another exclusive campaign event paid for out of our pockets.  The sponsors are saying they are looking for questions.  I suggest one unified question from every 99er able to log on.  “Mr. President, are you capable of saying the word ‘99er’?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I would ask why we can spend 20B each year to provide A/C for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan but we cannot afford to spend a similar amount to help the 99er’s!

  2. i’ll tell you what we need is for obama and congress to be impeached they suck they dont care what we need they no what we need there a bunch of yellow cowards for the last 19 years all these parties have done is ruin this country by giving are jobs overseas by doing nothing with the border just letting anyone in here we need new leaders who have come from nothing and made themselves people with integrity these two pathetic parties that are running this country have done nothing but have a party on us through wallstreet the banks and there silver spoon backgrounds they have no idea what it’s like to struggle and go hungry they have us to leach off of im so sick of there bullshit i cant even watch the news anymore well i cant im homeless and unemployed had to hock the tv need i say more i left a few comments on venturas site they axed me i guess he ‘s full of shit more important things to do like book signings im done hey soil sony have another stupid reply

  3. we need a new president and congressman,women and let not forget the do nothing of important senator every one keep saying the same shit for the pass 65 years that I know and you people just keep putting they bums in I guess we deserve what we get other choice don’t vote THEN MAYBE some one will get on the ball………chico62

  4. I am a 71 year old 99er, they are cuting social security ,I have no car,no bank account, very little money , everything else is in the pawn shop. I dont know what to do now??????????

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