99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – The Corporations Counter Record Job Losses with Lies

157,000 private sector jobs were added last month.  Glory halleluiah, prosperity has returned.  But then it is June, the one year anniversary of the end of the recession.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but 157,000 new jobs isn’t even half of the 350,000 we need just to keep pace with our young people entering the job market.  Now let’s stand back as real people living in the real world, and examine this incredible news.

For the month of June, an average of 420,000 per week filed new unemployment claims.  That is 1,680,000.  Now let’s be grossly generous to the point of absurdity and say that a third of those who lost their jobs acquired new ones within four weeks.  That leaves 1,120,000 who did not, minus 157,000 new jobs the corporate elite are claiming they created (note: they did not say what country they created them in), and you have 963,000 new unemployed.

At this astounding positive rate of growth, by December 25th we will have lost a net of 5,778,000 jobs.  And don’t forget about the young people just entering the job market.  Merry Christmas, you elitist sons of bitches.

Do not be surprised that in spite of the reality we have just looked at and the fact that about 400,000 long term unemployed are losing their benefits and being dropped from the rolls every week, today we may see the unemployment rate actually drop to 8.7%.  The fact is they no longer care that we know that everything they are saying is a lie.  They are going for broke.

They continue to eliminate and transfer jobs overseas every week.  They continue to liquidate the property of those running out of unemployment.  And they continue funneling that wealth out of our country through the stock market, untaxed.

99ers, middle class, and every American left with an ounce of sense, when an actor is speaking on FOX News, the lies you are hearing are coming from the multi-billionaire Rupert Murdock.  He wants your resources and for you to be a slave.  When you hear the lies coming out of CNN, this is the voice of the multi-billionaire Ted Turner telling you to submit to socialism because resistance is futile.

Then you have MSNBC owned by General Electric that has received billion dollar tax breaks from the Obama Administration as payback for campaign contributions.  When you hear their broadcast you are hearing the voice of their multi-billionaire CEO Jeffrey Immlet.  ABC is owned by Disney and the voice you hear is their multi-billionaire, CEO Robert Iger.  With CBS News Corporation it is the voice of multi-billionaire, CEO Leslie Moonves.

Every citizen of the United States needs to understand that when we tune in to these so called news broadcasts, what we are actually viewing and listening to is a carefully constructed ad campaign designed to sell us on our own enslavement.  These organizations represent the propaganda arm of the coalition of 6000 corporate elitists intent on ruling the world.  They are the enemy and anyone that gives the slightest credence to anything they put forth is a damn fool.

It is an FCC requirement that all broadcasts serve the public good, which makes it clear that it is the agents of the corporations that sit on the board of the FCC.  Every one of these broadcasts unequivocally serves private corporate interests to the detriment of the public good.  Those controlling the airwaves are traitors to the Republic, the Constitution, and the people of the United States.  And they are completely out of hand.

We the people need to start demanding an end to corporate owned media as the corporations are making no bones about the fact that they consider we the people the enemy of their ambitions to dominate and enslave the world.  Be aware; the only thing standing between the American people and their forced servitude is 400 million privately owned firearms.

Please try to realize they are only 6000, with maybe a million enforcers around the world.  The army, we the people of the United States represent, can completely destroy the lot of them in a matter of minutes.  Most of us know this to be true.  But what we need to realize is that they know it too and they are frantically working towards a solution to the problem we represent.  We can’t just keep standing by as they continue to further weaken us.

The days are now growing shorter and before we can say, “Don’t do that” another winter will be upon us.  We need to start making some decisions and taking some positive steps against our enemies.  I have suggested before that the 99ers start forming up into five person fire teams, studying the art of guerilla warfare.  And those of us who do not have weapons should make them from wood and begin training as our grandfathers did at the beginning of World War II, as rifles were in short supply.  Once trained and when necessary, your brethren and sisteren will provide you with your liberty teeth.

If they could just see us preparing to eliminate them as the problem they are, you would see them begin to scurry like rats from a sinking ship.  Look around you.  It is coming to the point that we have nothing to lose and, with the smallest sacrifice, literally everything to gain.  That is our Republic back under our Constitution, with liberty, justice, and prosperity a certainty, not only for us but for countless generations of our progeny.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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    1. Obama is in election mode trying to win over Resnubs, Tea Baggers and Independents. He has had ample chance to extend help to the 99ers, homeless, etc. Not to mention those that can not get health coverage, perscriptions, help with their homes and the list goes on and on and on.

      He has painted himself into a corner and I see no help coming at all. Ppl need to take out the pitch forks now and remove all of them from office.

  2. The only Media outlet I found today that put the new unemployment rate news in big letters was the Huffington Post. Sorry don’t even look at Faux news (maybe they have it).

    Funny how MSNBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, etc has the phone hacking scandal as their top news story. Of course, when the unemployment data came out they were ready to say how awful it is but, quickly moved onward. Still no acknowledgement for the 99ers and those becoming 99ers this month. The rat is suppose to give a news conference about it later this morning. Blah, blah, then back to cutting SS, Medicaid, Medicare and punt kicking the middleclass and lower income.

    Not amazed these corporations don’t want to be in the limelight themselves, for ripping off the taxpayers and sucking face with the politicians .

    1. Henry,
      If I’m not mistaken the numbers you present have one little math error;

      One third of 1,680,000 minus the one third of 560,000 who “theoretically” found jobs…(yeah, right)…would leave 1,120,000 who did not. It looks like you might have just started extrapolating from one third instead of the remaining two thirds. That would make your final number of NEW unemployed in one month 963,000. at a minimum. Then times 6 till end December projects 5,778,000 applying this “generous to the point of absurdity” formula! So isn’t THAT a fine picture!

      1. Thank you Brian, I stand corrected and the article has been. Math is indeed the closest thing we have to a scientific perfection, though the smallest error can cause the largest effect.
        They will admit that there are 15 million unemployed, once in a while. Today Obama said there are 6 million. The best estimate I can derive from the gobble-de-gook of numbers is 30 million unemployed. I have to believe that in this age of high technology, the exact numbers are readily available to a select few.
        The fact is if I wrote an article tomorrow saying there are 60 million unemployed, via my own experience I think it would be extremely difficult for anyone out there to prove otherwise. Like I said, the math is basically pretty simple, involving only addition and subtraction, which displays the lengths they are going to to perpetuate their lies.
        Did you hear the one about the constipated mathematition? ………….. He worked it out with a pencil. Which leads me to wonder just how many people would have crunched the numbers and caught the error. Our enemies have to hate people like you, as you actually require understanding what you are reading before considering excepting the content.
        Again, thanks.

        1. Well, yes, Henry.

          I must admit that personality flaw which you so well articulate has brought great wrath upon me not only from kindergarten thru 12th grade but continuously thereafter. I more than suspect we have that in common. Ah…what a cruel fate!

          At least you have done your civic duty in exposing me for what I am:

          A mule-minded incorrigible who has been unable to overcome this deviant tendency and who continues to this day to indulge in this abhorrible act of using the mind God gave him. I stand so accused and plead guilty as charged.

          My sincere apologies are to remain withheld until further notice out of stubbornly retained hope that the percentage of our species that is similarly afflicted will increasingly become visible. I suspect it may be the “silent majority” I have heard mentioned and cling to this hope which appears to be growing increasingly futile.

          I, therefore, also must admit that I am not holding my breath while awaiting the appearance of this mysteriously invisible and, therefore, silent demographic.

          God help us to find the strength to endure while “all those around [us] are losing their minds and blaming it on [us].”

          Carry on good fellow!

  3. Unfortunately the lead stories are of a woman who did not report her two year old missing child after 31 days. The lead story is this woman will make millions of dollars to tell her story! That’s right someone like her does such terrible things and the media wants to tell her story and give her millions and make millions of dollars off of her, while the good people unemployed people of America wants to take care of their children! This is what America has become! The media doesn’t want to tell the story of why the government doesn’t want to help the long termed unemployed so they could survive and feed their children! Why doesn’t the media and government care about the 99ers who want to work and want to feed their children?

    The reason is simple, because there isn’t any money in it for them!
    Yes that’s what America has become. Greed! It is to be God bless America and now it’s Greed bless America.

    1. Yeah, Ted,

      It’s been going that way for a very long time and “We the People” have been fully participating…sad!

  4. Henry,

    Now a 99er and living in my car, I am deeply saddened with this country. Employers now ask me for an address and I am giving them a store address. I have run out of options as I cant even get a job at McDonalds as I am overqualified and not a good fit. Meaning I am not of a certain ethnicity and the manager feels there would be tension at the workplace. This is just an extrapolation but in my estimate a good deduction given his tone and body language.

    I am reduced to living in my car behind a shopping center, even the cop who I spoke to last night wasnt surprised to see and speak to me. I thought I was to be arrested for loitering, instead he just said good luck. Good luck! What a sad state this country has come to. I feel like I have failed as a middle aged working class American. Is there even a Middle Class America anymore? So now I am in the eyes of many, a bum. That is a hard pill to swallow being a college graduate who is now destitute and lost and among the uncounted. I will not be posting anymore. God Bless.


    1. Hi John.

      Many more to follow. Both myself and my hubby are 99ers now. Wells Fargo will not help us reduce our mortgage payment plus, my hubby had neck surgery and needs another. We have no health insurance now and he is unable to get SS or Medicare. We have to much in liquid assets they tell us. (we are suppose to have 2,000 or less) We are using up our savings and investments right now but not sure how long that will last.

      I will not go down in defeat and my fight while I still can will include your voice.

      Hang in there my friend.

    2. John, those MFer’s time is running out. Hang around brother, and join in the fun, because we’re gonna take this country back the assholes Henry’s talking about.

    3. man john i hear you iv’e been in this situation since february but the last two months living in a park lost my benifits a year ago this week atleast you have a car to live in im fighting off the mosquitos i must have a thousand bites good thing for that great food stamp card i have so i can regenerate more blood im feeding more than im eating i feel for you this country sucks obama and congress should all be put up for firing squade not sure i spelled that correct hope they all get cancer

    1. Henry, I haven’t seen Mark, Rick and Rachel’s articles on here lately. Hope everything’s copacetic with them. By the way, the tone of your above article is growing rapidly in the majority of like minded people I’ve been talking to lately. Like you said, brother, these criminal’s underestimation of us will be their downfall, and the sooner the better.

      1. Clark,
        Everybody was busy taking a little time with their families for the 4th. You should see fresh material from all Monday, except for Mark. I think he is driving a taxi.

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