99ers Seeking Unemployment Extensions HR 589 Supporters Our Enemies are in Switzerland at the Bilderberg Meeting

As Lady Liberty drops to her knees with the international corporate mafia’s dagger in her back, the elites are gathering in Switzerland to plan the coup de gras at the Bilderberg meeting.  So I wonder what new schemes they are cooking up.  How about a QE3 and a war on Iran?  These kinds of things are always good for business.

It never ceases to amaze me how the American citizens, who are in reality the most powerful sovereigns on this planet, just kept trudging along with their eyes on their feet as their power was used to further the goal of their destruction.

Unfortunately for the corporate elite all good things, including stupidity, must come to an end.  I have watched the people around me grow from shock, to fear, to anger, and finally to self-confidence in waking up to the reality around them.  I believe the international elite are shitting themselves at this very moment as all their plans begin to crumble.  And like every other point in history they know the time to run and hide is coming soon.

We who are alive today are indeed fortunate to be witnessing the events unfolding.  Rome doesn’t fall every day, every year, or every hundred years.  But the corporate elite’s castle in the sky is starting to fall before our very eyes.  People like George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Ben Bernanke, and Alan Greenspan are starting to feel those same emotions Adolf Hitler and company were feeling when the Allies were advancing on Berlin from both sides.   And whatever hell they are going to go through they are going to have to endure it knowing they deserve it as they brought it on themselves.

The American people of the American race are awake; hence the mythological sleeping giant is rising from his drug induced stupor.  May God have mercy on them as I do not know at this point if the world will.  No matter what else, none must be allowed to escape.  We must destroy them, their secret societies, and institutionalized power and make sure they never rise up again.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers Seeking Unemployment Extensions HR 589 Supporters Our Enemies are in Switzerland at the Bilderberg Meeting

  1. The ” sleeping giant ” is definitely the correct analogy. He woke up in WWII and rid the world of the tyranny trying to enslave the world. I hope he wakes up again……..and fast, before it’s too late !

  2. Henry,
    It shouldn’t amaze you or anyone else that Americans seem unwilling to fight back. I think it is because those that have fought back in the past have found themselves betrayed so often by their so-called brothers in arms and their god who tells him them that he will stand up for the righteous that they have given up. Those who are receiving federal extensions of unemployment right now are prime examples of the ” I got mine so who cares about anyone else ” philosophy. They are receiving these benefits because 99ers like you, myself and others lobbied their “leaders” to push the issue in the past. But now that we’re up the proverbial creek without a cent- where are these ungrateful bastards and why aren’t they fighting for us? Here’s a little prayer- until they do, may they never find work again.

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