A 2013 Declaration Of Independence Bill Of Particulars

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In 1776 the 13 colonies voted to declare their independence citing a list of grievances against King George. This article attempts to cite some of the crimes committed by the current regime in Washington against the people.

The US government has consistently violated our Fourth Amendment rights by spying on us with neither warrant nor probable cause. They have over a period of years copied and stored every phone call and every email in the United States and from many overseas countries. Recently it has been revealed that the Department of Homeland Security has established city wide wireless mesh wi-fi systems that not only tracks everyone’s current location by monitoring their cell phone and laptop but also records their last 1,000 locations.  

DHS has ruled that the Fourth Amendment no longer applies to any American citizen who is within 100 miles of an Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the borders with Canada and Mexico. DHS has given themselves the right to stop you, search you and even seize private information by downloading your cell phone data of its contacts, numbers called and photos. Your cell phone is required by law to allow DHS to be able both to listen to you and report your conversations even when you have turned it off.

You computer hardware and software are required to have backdoors which allow the NSA to spy on you. This allows them to steal your secrets and share them with other agencies and with private groups. They have used NSA spying to steal trade secrets and scientific innovations in the past. And they have made recent headlines taping foreign heads of state and foreign companies and research universities. That these ubiquitous backdoors have allowed hackers to steal our records and even engage in Identity theft is of no concern to them.

They have shared this wiretap knowledge with a foreign power that has attacked Americans in the past. Israel is allowed to own companies tied to their spy agency, the Mossad, that spy on Americans. They have used this data to warn Israeli drug dealers that American law enforcement agencies are about to arrest them. This allows known criminals to flee to Israel to escape prosecution. Odigo, an Israeli company, warned Israelis in Hebrew to leave the World Trade Center before it was struck by planes which most independent observers believe were remotely controlled.

They have abused the Fourth Amendment and our health by practicing unlawful searches that can also do us serious bodily harm. TSA body scanners not only invade our right to privacy by taking naked body scans but they harm our health by causing cancer and damaging our DNA. Studies of TSA screeners have documented an explosive growth in the incidence of cancer. TSA makes Americans take off their shoes and walk across dirty floors at airports which does spread disease. TSA screeners use rubber gloves to touch us under our clothes. These gloves protect them but not us. Touching dozens of people with the same pair of gloves is an excellent way of spreading disease.

Law enforcement agencies have used rubber gloves to do anal and vaginal exams on women. Examining four body cavities on two women with one pair of gloves will definitely spread disease. It is a violation of the Fourth Amendment but also violates their duty to protect public health.

They have allowed foreign powers to train American police. They have also interfered with the selection process for local chiefs of police. Both of these actions have endangered American lives and safety. I cite an example of this in DHS approved crowd control. At a peaceful protest in Oakland California, the police fired non-lethal projectiles at point blank range directly at the head of a man who was violating no laws. They  permanently injured him. This is an Israeli tactic used against Palestinians. Fire at their heads and eyes at close range.

The Eighth Amendment prohibits torture. The current regime routinely practices torture on civilians who are not terrorists. It is called pain compliance. It has been used in the form of tasering a patient to accept a medical treatment. Police taser us  to force us to obey an illegal order. Police officers also routinely raise the arms of handcuffed prisoners in extremely painful ways that often require medical attention. Yet the federal government does nothing to stop these unconstitutional abuses.

The regime in Washington has declared under the NDAA that it has the right to arrest us without trial and to hold us indefinitely. They have also declared the right to kill us without trial. What passes for an Attorney General has said that a review by their secret panel to decide whether or not to incarcerate us for life is equivalent to a trial by jury and a defense by a lawyer in an open court. What passes for a President says that he is ‘really good at killing people’ with drones and no trial.

The regime in Washington committed treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The United States government is actively giving support to Al Qaeda and to other terrorist organizations. These are the same terrorists who killed American troops in Iraq. That is defined as treason in the US Constitution. The regime in Washington helped these terrorists to conquer Libya. That newly installed Libyan regime to date has killed more than 40,000 unarmed Africans who were citizens of Libya. In Syria that same US regime is supporting terrorists who are torturing and killing Christians and other religious minorities. This has done irreparable harm to the American image overseas. If people overseas decide to stop doing trade with American firms to avoid NSA spying and to stop using the US dollar to protest our human rights abuses, then the dollar will collapse. This will cut wages in half. Supporting genocide, invasions, mass espionage, occupations and colonialism will harm our national security. There is no greater threat to the US than to cut our wages in half.

They have put restrictions on our First Amendment right to assemble and petition the government with our grievances. They have restricted us to Free Speech zones. The TSA now says they have the right to arrest us for making jokes about them. They have restricted our ability to travel by putting us on No Fly Lists from which there is no exit. They have taken away the children and the firearms of returning veterans without probable cause.
They have turned the government over to the 147 corporations that control international trade. According to a Swiss study, these companies own each other’s stock and have interlocking Boards of Directors. They use the government’s ability to conduct foreign policy to transfer all wealth from us the 147 Too Big To Jail corporations. These companies are above the law. When they engage in criminal activity, they are fined a small amount of the money they stole. They launder 1.5 trillion dollars a year with impunity. They pay a fine and commit trillions of dollars in mortgage fraud while stealing homes with fraudulent documents. Or they can add adjuvants to vaccines which can cause cancer, disable us or given us permanent conditions requiring medical treatment. They can add known poisons to our food that give us cancer, make us obese and lower our IQs. They can cancel our existing insurance policies and require us to buy new policies with less coverage and with huge deductibles at twice or more the premium.

They have been flying heroin and cocaine into the US on Secret Government flights and selling cocaine, heroin and guns to America’s largest drug gangs. America’s 1.4 million gang members are responsible for 80% of America’s violent crimes. This harms public health. The average age of a first time heroin user in the US is 14. They are destroying our families, our neighborhoods and our cities with absolutely no regard for our safety.

We lost our rights because we do not have fair elections. Vote fraud is rampant. Our votes are counted by machines that have no audit trail and use algorithms that multiply a candidate’s vote total. If you are counting ballots and adding up numbers, there is no reason to multiply the result for any candidate. If by chance we elect an honest politician, they will kill him as they did President Kennedy.

This is a Declaration of Independence. This government has absolutely no moral authority over me. They are an abomination. They will soon lose their ability to bark out orders because we will refuse to obey evil incarnate.


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    1. In your HEAD and HEART will get the job done,once you realize that you are a FREE human being with no one owning one iota of you

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