7 thoughts on “A Basic Introduction To Crisis Acting II

  1. Short concise video with no punches pulled. It doesn’t matter what it is, the greater the gain, the further tptb will go to control the outcome and desired response.

    Heck, tptb might even fake an election?!

    Nah, that only happens everywhere else in world, but not here in the good ol’ joo s of a. Land of the fee, home of the slave. You know, the country “we should thank God we live in because we have the best healthcare system in the world, the best education system in the world, unlimited opportunities to be whatever you want to be, a free press that isn’t controlled by a totalitarian state and the most freedoms in the world that everyone wants to steal from US because they’re jealous”?

    Sound familiar?

    Everyone’s parents repeated that mantra bs to their children almost verbatim because they got brainwashed into believing it and spoon feeding it to their kids so they believed it too.

    Those days are gone and few believe it anymore because there is so much evidence it has all been a big lie. It’s time to accept that “voting” is an illusion and you’ve been duped.

    The illusion of terror has the same end result and desired effect as real terror, minus the body count.

    Don’t think for a second though that they don’t do the real deal and wouldn’t stack US like cord wood.

  2. Crisis acting is real. But this video is odd. If the video was taken by a security camera that the actors were not aware of, then why is it so shaky as though it were hand held? And what a coincidence that the incident occurred right in front of a camera. It doesn’t look like these guys were “caught” doing anything & they knew they were being recorded. What is that calendar that pops up in the right hand corner at 1:04? The video comes from LiveLeak. That site pushes a lot of propaganda: Faked videos of “ISIS” beheading people; pushing the idea that al Qaeda was behind 9/11, etc.

    1. The shaky part comes from the video maker recording from a hand held device. The side of the screen can be seen @ :13 :16 :22 etc.

      Calendar is what is on his pc while using his video player.

      Hope that helps.

    2. Martist is correct, I should have looked for the original video but since Kearnsy74’s post on YouTube brought the this to my attention I figured I’d give him the credit and help him get more views/subs.

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