A Letter From America Concerning Worldwide Debt Cancellation

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I have taken the liberty to respond in the form of an open letter to your group discussion of how we should guarantee economic rights so no future government can ever again use either Austerity measures or personal or governmental bankruptcy to take away basic economic freedoms like food, housing and utilities. I once proved mathematically that Austerity measures cannot work in the sense of getting us out of debt. What they do is transfer wealth from us to the banks. I have a link  to that article in the references below. I am the original author of the Annotated Bilderberg 2013 members list. I also included it in the references.  

The US and Russian Chiefs of Military Staff have been talking directly with one another to avoid WW III. You remember that Obama lined up a Mediterranean task force charged with hitting Syria with air and sea launched missiles. General Dempsey had to go to the White House and tell Obama to forget it. Dempsey knew he was talking to a man who had said he was really good at killing people with his Drone strikes. WW III has been cancelled by the actions of the Russian and American military.

I would approach the abolition of poverty which is what concerns you through systematic and worldwide Debt Cancellation. I must begin by saying how I will pay for that.

I would reduce military expenditures. I would end fractional reserve banking. I would publish a non-interest bearing currency. I would cancel debts to the tune of $20,000 per adult citizen in the US. You will have to establish personal debt cancellations at different levels in various countries. I would do this worldwide. I would cancel all government debt provided all participating countries issued non-interest bearing currencies and ended fractional reserve banking. There should never be any government borrowing. Our present banking system gets us and our governments into debt bondage by issuing debt as money which we have to pay a fee to use. Money and credit should be rent free and treated as a public utility.

I would reform the pension system to gain political and economic power for the people. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology did a study of international trade and found that 20% of trade was controlled by 147 large corporations that owned each other’s stock and shared Board of Director memberships.

I am a political conservative and an American so I propose solutions that are somewhat foreign to your way of thought.

I see the 147 corporations and the banks pushing for war. I see them as pushing Austerity. I also see them as loving our fractional reserve banking system and interest bearing currencies. During the last Depression (1929-1939) America lost between 3 and 7 million people due to starvation according to the demographer Boris Borisov. At that time America had 190 million fewer people and we lived closer to farms. We could easily lose three times that many in the next Depression. I cannot imagine losing 10 million people in today’s America. Immigration has changed America. Today’s American cities would be burned to the ground within a week of the poor not having any food to eat.

To avoid the all but certain destruction of America and to avoid war the US military will have to side with the American people against the banks. I see a military coup combined with invasions of offshore banking centers to seize assets as the only viable form of change. The military will want to pay special attention to all the law offices in these centers to get both personal and corporate account names to  seize all bank accounts, all stocks, all bonds, all real estate and all safe deposit box contents from an agreed upon list of corporate and individual criminals whether their crimes be related to theft or to actual war crimes. Tens of trillions of dollars have been stolen from Americas. I would assume similar amounts have been stolen from the peoples of Great Britain, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Mideast.

America registers its deeds at the county level. We have more than 3,000 counties. I would want within 90 days to have clear titles given to all property at the county level. Half of our mortgages do not have clear titles due to Mortgage Electronic Registration. I would also demand that all property held in corporate names be checked for actual ownership against our list of corporate and individual criminals. I would estimate that several trillion dollars in real estate could be seized in America.

A lot of those seized assets will have to be used to fund debt cancellation. But some could be used to fund individual pension accounts. What I would do to counter balance the power of the 147 corporations that run the world is to set up co-operative trusts. All retirement funds would go into an account in your name at a co-operative trust. These trusts would also issue small loans, credit cards and simple insurance with all profits going into retirement accounts. These trusts would become financial power houses and would replace the centralized power of both governments and the 147 biggest corporations. Every city would have trusts so economic power would be distributed throughout the land.

I do not see the abolition of poverty the same way as my liberal brethren do. I would begin with a negative income tax. Suppose a woman is making $8.25 an hour which is the minimum wage in several of our states. The federal minimum is actually even lower. I would have the tax authorities (IRS) give her a credit of $2.75 an hour to guarantee a federal minimum wage of $11 an hour after taxes. I would then have federal child benefits paid to the custodial parent in the amount of $600 a month for the first child and $400 a month for the second. That would be a total of $12,000 a year as I would not grant money for the third or more children. To pay for this I would cancel a lot of government programs. I would like to gather a lot of different programs into one Department designed to abolish poverty. I would like to change the name of our IRS to Internal Benefits and Revenue Service.

If our young woman making $8.25 an hour were to apply for benefits at IRBS, she would have an annual income of $22,880 for herself assuming she worked 40 hours a week. If she had 2 children, her income would be $34,880 a year. If she were married, her after tax family income would be $57,760 a year. This is a minimum after tax wage that would be greater than that of our median family income. It would abolish poverty for those who do work. I would suggest curtailing immigration to keep pre-subsidy wages high and subsidies low.

I would also kick start the world economy by releasing a lot of that technology America’s has been sitting on since they seized all of Nikola Tesla’s  scientific motes and lab material in January of 1943. They have things like free energy that would liberate the world and guarantee us a better world. I would begin by replacing the nuclear power plants that are aging and leaking or built near earthquake fault lines.


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This last article outlines how IMF economists have finally admitted that what they were doing was wrong.

IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.


A Letter From America Concerning Worldwide Debt Cancellation




7 thoughts on “A Letter From America Concerning Worldwide Debt Cancellation

  1. I would have the tax authorities (IRS) give her a credit of $

    Abolish the IRS
    They don’t swear an oath, they don’t obey US laws, they can’t be trusted to fix a problem they created — INTEREST.

    All tax problems for labor go away when the IRS goes away.

    (All this while skipping debate into the ratification/constitution vs congress is to regulate the monetary system part)

  2. Great idea’s! Some I thought of: Any company (Monsanto) that willingly produces seeds that are terminator seeds which grow once and are sterile will be punished with 5 years in jail and a fine of $250,000 per seed. Also have land owners grow hemp. Hemp can be used for hundreds of things like rope, clothes, fuel oil and many other uses and was once “required” to be grown 200 years ago. Growing hemp has been outlawed because if everyone grew it themselves and knew the benefits they wouldn’t need mega corporation for clothing and fuel and energy.

  3. Wow, you folks just become part of the problem & not the solution…….the best method is to keep the cure simple, or, better known a the Kiss method…”KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!” Let’s look at it from a different perspective: you have a pesky wart on your finger & are looking for a way to get rid of it, do you—— cut your finger off, cover it with Freeze-zone, burn it off with a match, cover it with a band aid & hope it goes away, dig it out with tweezers or find the wart source & rid your body of it?…….The world control & Evilist problem is “ONE” thing, the “PERSECUTED BECOMING THE PERSECUTORS,” PERIOD……You folks need to study more & then concentrate on ridding the world of the “NWO” that are the “PERSECUTORS!” It is a very few at the top that control the “Many” they consider “ALL” to be beneath them, “RISE UP!” ……… Web up the members of the International Securities “Club” (not a bank) & rid the world of them & “ALL” they stand for…….Keep up your good values & continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  4. You forgot to mention allodial titles, which would absolutely guarantee the owner of the property is the owner, period, end of story…and no property taxes would be due on these properties.

    Love your ideas about debt cancellation and they ought to be; however, in order for that to happen, you’re gonna have to arrest and jail the banksters and maybe do something a bit worse to the entire Rothschild family as well as their so-called “agents”….

    If debt cancellation happens, there will be blood.

  5. Im not opposed to much of this except I shall not comply. If others choose to do this good for them .I dont care. Its just more ‘you must’ and ‘you cant’ to me.

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