A List of Obama’s Constitutional Violations

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Updated 8/04/13

“I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution.” Barrack Hussein Obama.

Obama took the Presidential Oath, swearing to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” but has:  

  • Used Executive Privilege in regards to Fast & Furious gun running scandal. When Government misconduct is the concern Executive privilege is negated.
  • 23 Executive Orders on gun control – infringement of the 2nd Amendment
  • Executive Order bypassing Congress on immigration – Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress
  • NDAA – Section 1021. Due process Rights negated.  Violation of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments.
  • Executive Order 13603 NDRP – Government can seize anything
  • Executive Order 13524 – Gives INTERPOL jurisdiction on American soil beyond law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.
  • Executive Order 13636 Infrastructure Cybersecurity – Bypassing Congress Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress
  • Signed into law the establishment of  NO Free Speech zones – noncompliance is a felony. Violation of 1st Amendment.
  • Attempt to tax political contributions – 1st Amendment
  • DOMA Law – Obama directed DOJ to ignore the Constitution and separation of powers and not enforce the law.
  • Dodd-Frank – Due process and separation of powers. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau writing and interpreting law. Article. I. Section. 1
  • Drone strikes on American Citizens – 5th Amendment Due process Rights negated
  • Bypassed Congress and gave EPA power to advance Cap-n-Trade
  • Attempt for Graphic tobacco warnings (under appeal) – 1st Amendment
  • Four Exec. appointments – Senate was NOT in recess (Court has ruled unconstitutional yet the appointees still remain)
  • Appointing agency czars without the “advice and consent of the Senate.”  Violation of Article II, Section 2
  • Obama took Chairmanship of UN Security Council – Violation of Section 9.
  • Obamacare (ACA) mandate – SCOTUS had to make it a tax because there is no Constitutional authority for Congress to force Americans to engage in commerce.
  • Contraceptive, abortifacients mandate violation of First Ammendment
  • Healthcare waivers – No president has dispensing powers
  • Refuses to acknowledge state’s 10th Amendment rights to nullify Obamacare
  • Going after states (AZ lawsuit) for upholding Federal law (immigration) -10th Amendment.
  • Chrysler Bailout -TARP – violated creditors rights and bankruptcy law, as well as Takings and Due Process Clauses – 5th Amendment (G.W. Bush also illegally used TARP funds for bailouts)
  • The Independent Payment Advisory Board (appointees by the president). Any decisions by IPAB will instantly become law starting in 2014 – Separation of Powers, Article 1 Section 1.
  • Congress did not approve Obama’s war in Libya. Article I, Section 8, First illegal war U.S. has engaged in. Impeachable under Article II, Section 4.
  • Obama falsely claims UN can usurp Congressional war powers.
  • Obama has acted outside the constitutional power given him – this in itself is unconstitutional.
  • With the approval of Obama, the NSA and the FBI are tapping directly into the servers of 9 internet companies to gain access to emails, video/audio, photos, documents, etc. This program is code named PRISM. NSA also collecting data on all phone calls in U.S. – Violation of 4th Amendment.
  • Plans to sign U.N. Firearms treaty – 2nd Amendment.
  • The Senate/Obama immigration bill (approved by both) raises revenue – Section 7. All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives;
  • Obama refuses to uphold the Business Mandate Law (ACA) for a year.  President does not have that authority – Article. I. Section. 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States. The president ”shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed” -Article II, Section 3.

A Constitutional law professor (even their students) should know better.  The TRUTH is Obama was a speaker not a law professor, and clearly he has not respected or protected the Constitution. Obama has broken his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Article II, Section 1.

The growing nebulous of Obama’s scandals are sure to add to his Constitutional violations. <click here> for Obama’s scandals


16 thoughts on “A List of Obama’s Constitutional Violations

  1. By law, shouldn’t he and all the politicians who went along with him be charged and tried for TREASON??????????????????????

    1. It would take about 10,000 of us armed to the teeth to march on DC and lock the place down. Put the reps on notice and notify the pentagon that We The People are going to take matters into our own hands. They wont like it,

    2. yes in deed he should be charged with treason period . but without the NSA and the FBI being able to go and search the internet we wouldnt have been able to catch that damned crook hillary and the clinton foundation as well as the bush administration in the corruptions they are being caught up in.

      1. “… we wouldnt have been able to catch that damned crook hillary…”

        Define ‘catch’.

        To my knowledge, the commie jewb#tch is still walking around free, and hasn’t been charged with A SINGLE CRIME.

        You realize, of course, that you’re replying to a 3 year old comment, right?

        btw, the NSA & FBI are every bit as corrupt as Hitlery.

    3. Absolutely!!! All these politicians who are after Trump have hypocritically ignored and or refused to act on Obama’s violations.

      1. They are all, that is every politician, serving the United States Corporation, guilty of treason and sedition, and it is we the people through our common law courts, which have been removed, that it falls upon to prosecute them all.
        No left, no right, no republican, no democrat, no conservative, no liberal. Just criminals, violating the highest law in the land, ratified December 15, 1791, our Bill of Rights which is our jurisdictional authority and the laws to be cited. Charge every one of them and see that they answer up for their crimes to the full extent of the law.

  2. Wholly shit it looks like a modern day paragraph 2 subtext of our Declaration of Independance! Except he is worse than the king he knows he is deliberately trying to destroy this nation at least the king didn’t have a concept to work with.

  3. when its our time, I hope he gets a pineapple shoved up his ass for every executive order. Just like they did hitler in the movie little nicky.

  4. Looks like…feels like…Obama is now OPENLY wiping his ass with Our Constitution…
    After Clinton and Bush “passed the parchment” to wipe their own illegal
    asses with colonial conquest and Federal Reserve/Wall Street Corporate monetary control of America…ET AL and beyond Rothchild’s wildest WET dreams…
    Bueno, here we are:
    Assassination of Chavez with threats of mass “Leadership-change in South America” including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru…and the jewel Uruguay…not to mention my favorite Paraguay and…here we go again Guatemala and contra…
    the question is:
    Can current usa wall street monetary policy control world politics… backed by a Feinstein political conclave of usa fools to change the world of the Aztecs, Incas and the world collective native tribes of Africa, Asia, Arabia, Australia, Artic Indigenous Eskimos, India, Hawaiians, Polynesia…
    omg: ad infinatum…

    how many innocent children have to die in this
    amekica insanity…???

  5. I’m sure he’s done a lot more. Hell, you can practically make a 500 page book just listing the amount of violations that old Barry has done.

  6. Arent All the Armed forces Sworn in with the Alliegance to Protect the Constitution from foreign AND Domestic threats to “IT”?

    1. We veterans were sworn in to uphold our Constitution and defend our country from all enemies both foreign and domestic. That’s about what it boils down to. We are the only ones besides Christ that would die to save our fellow Americans. Think a politician would do that?????????????????????

        1. Thanks for serving who? Because it sure the hell wasn’t we the American nationals or our freedoms and liberties.
          You worked for the international corporate mafia ran through the United Nations, in violation of our laws and in violation of your oath as you protected and defended no one but an unlawful corporation and the 14th Amendment, both created in direct violation of the 9th Article of the supreme superior absolute ratified by the representatives of we the people law called the Bill of Rights.

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