A Little Help, Please

We are running a bit short this month, so to those who have not stepped up recently and who can afford to do so, we could use your support.

Thank you in advance, we do appreciate it.

Or you can mail donations to Henry Shivley, P.O. Box 964, Chiloquin, Oregon, 97624

8 thoughts on “A Little Help, Please

  1. If you think about how much work Henry and Laura put into this site you can start to understand the need. I mean think about all work alone in just what goes into posting these articles, let alone the daily shows and the prep work there. Laura practically lives with her laptop, constantly posting things that we send, it’s incredible really.

    Even when Henry and Laura go on trips, things still get done, amazing!

    Day in day out, amazing amount of work. Think about if this site stopped, we take this site for granted.

    1. you said it brother!…….I include Henry and Laura on my list at the start of the month as I write out my bills …..it has become automatic for me so no chance to forget

        1. ­čÖé but we never know another man’s burden…..just do what you can when you can…..love ya Mark for all you do ­čÖé

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