A Once Great Nation

TL in Exile – by T. L. Davis

A lawless government breeds a lawless public.

I don’t know when the apple turns, it has for me already. I feel bound by no laws the federal government has passed through its sham of a legislature. I regard them as laws passed in commission of a fraud. To whatever extent I obey a federal law it is within my understanding of rightful liberty.  

Civility is not a legal thing, it is a social thing. One might pass all the hate-speech laws they wish, it does not change the heart wherein lies the hate. The speech one uses is a reflection of the inner self and to pass laws against speech is to pass laws against emotion, against expression, against the privacy of one’s skull.

To pass laws against possession of guns will not stop violence, it will not stop possession, it will only escalate the encounter between police and otherwise law-abiding citizens. It will indeed make outlaws of those who possess guns.

These laws are laws passed by a government estranged from the people; a government peering down at the masses concerned mostly with control of those masses, not working in conjunction with the people to find that elusive, necessary balance between liberty and security.

These laws show a disrespect for the people; a contempt for them and rightfully so. The people have lacked any significant education over the past several decades where social engineering has replaced the purpose of educators and indoctrination the purpose of the schools. Why should the government view the people as capable of anything other than following orders?

But for the rebels.

There are those who recall a once great nation. One in which the government feared abridging liberty for the backlash it would cause. There has been an unhealthy lack of fear in these recent decades.

Whenever the collectivists wish to abolish certain rights they claim that the founders could not have conceived of a society wherein there were cars, or school shootings, etc. What they never address is that the founders could not have conceived of a nation of children afraid to arise against the power of the government, fearful of the methods of oppression the government has developed. They could not have conceived of citizens fearful of speaking out, fearful of the IRS, fearful of rogue agencies denying rights as if they were mere suggestions.

It is time to start taking our rights seriously. It is past time. We risk the destruction of all rights if we do not fight back now. There is no future time when it will be “okay” to fight back against this Goliath.

I confess I am losing interest in this blog. I know there are a number of people who consider these words, these points of view valuable and I thank them for that, but really, it is useless.

It is time to respect the laws of this nation with the same regard the government officials have for the Constitution. It is time to honor this society with the reverence those in public service have for their oaths of office.

This is not America.

Whatever patriotism one feels for the United States is misplaced. To fight for America is to fight against those who have entered office under false testimony; those who have sworn to defend something they seek to destroy. There is no talk of going back to the Constitution, only to alter it through judicial ruling and illegal laws.

There is talk of imprisoning citizens for having committed no act. The mere possession of something previously legal is illegal and failure to relinquish it is a crime. This is not America. This is not liberty. This is not justice. There is not one single thing the government has done since the passage of the Patriot Act that is legal, that is right, that is American.

We have been overthrown, a quiet coup, but a coup nonetheless.

We must become counter-revolutionaries and the struggle must begin immediately. We must identify with the counter-revolution and take what comes.

Our nation is sick. It will not heal itself. Standing aside as a concerned relative will not heal the wounds inflicted by the aggressor. It is time to reach our hands into the gore and work to save the nation so many of our troops have died to protect.

That, or turn away, throw up your hands and give it to them freely.

This may be my last post. Anything else I might write will only be fodder for the Goliath.


One thought on “A Once Great Nation

  1. I was at a “town meeting” this morning held by one of my senators (federal, Democrat). I walked out after a while when I had determined that no one in the room (including the senator) really knew what the important issues facing this nation are. Most of the questions (or rants) from citizens attending had to do with pure financial self-interest and being given greater for-profit access to the surrounding federal lands. The senator himself seemed to be more interested in the minutiae of the legislative process than in the real causes or cures of our national illness. I had the feeling that any serious question about the direction the nation is headed in would have been seen by senator and audience alike as a turd in the punchbowl.

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