One thought on “A Peak at Pagan-mas

  1. Ya.its the law of entropy.Anything that isn’t held by some force naturally falls apart.It goes to government which itself deteriorates into tyranny.Do you trust your mother? or nancy Pelosi?Diane Feinstein?Hillary Clinton?Barney Franks?How stupid will you allow yourselves to be while screwing your children?In the interim we can worry about the two and three trillion dollar debt everyone laughs at like government debt isn’t a reality.Screw your kid and laugh with the public.You have the ignorant public to hide behind.People who know better aren’t alone so much as isolated but when the titanic is sinking the cools stay to save the fools.That’s what we’re born for.That’s we’re alive for.It is Christmas and there is a God,although if He turns out to be a globalist I’ll kick him in the knee really hard.

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