A World on the Verge of World War III

World Events and the Bible

Globally, we are witnessing tensions rise rapidly. From China and Japan, to the situation in Ukraine which has pulled in the United States, Russia and NATO. Instead of a de-escalation of the events in Ukraine, we are witnessing an escalation of them.

A few days ago we posted an article titled, “NATO Moving Troops in Escalation of Ukrainian Crisis” where the Secretary General of NATO stated in order to de-escalate the events in Ukraine they will send in more troops, aircraft and navel assets.  

It should be obvious to everyone you do not de-escalate a situation by bringing in more firepower.

Let us not forget the failing peace talks in Israel which our Father told us would fail(1 Thes 5:3). There will be no true peace for the world until the return of the True Christ. As we see these tensions continuing to build, do not forget Syria is still in the middle of their own “civil war” and the situation with Iran is not going away either. Essentially, all of these nations are spoken of in God’s Word with respect to end times prophecy. So we really need to pay close attention to these events.

Yesterday we saw another rise in tensions.

The Pentagon deployed 600 troops to Poland in an attempt to negate recent moves by Russia in the region. 

Reuters reported that Russia was conducting military drills near the Ukrainan border.

“Russia on Wednesday conducted military exercises in its south-western Rostov region, which borders Ukraine, a spokesman for Russia’s southern military district said.”

While Fox News reported yesterday that Dutch fighters jets were scrambled in order to ensure two Russian TU-95 Bears bombers did not enter their sovereign air space.

The UK also was forced to scramble Typhoon fighter jets in order to chase away Russian bombers according to Sky News.

While I know this happens from time to time and is seen as “normal“. We should use our discernment and understand all of these events when combined together show that these events are leading up to a much bigger conflict. The world will come very close to another world war, a few bombs may even go off. But you can bet Satan and his angels will then show up claiming to be Christ and His angels, just in time to save the world from its own destruction. 


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