Afghanistan Spring Offensive, Geraldo Rivera, and John McCain

The Taliban in Afghanistan attacked US and British Embassies on Sunday and Geraldo Rivera was there.  This little propaganda push was blatant on its face.  The initial reports were of a Spring Offensive.  The footage released on FOX News however, portrayed nothing more than a few small explosions in the distance followed by a lockdown of the embassies.

The fact that this was nothing more than propaganda became evident Sunday morning when the number one representative in our government for the industrial war complex, John McCain, appeared on the Communist News Network to blame the attacks on the fact that we are pulling out of Afghanistan.  McCain went on to say that “We can win in Afghanistan; we just need to put in more troops.”

Well I do believe that we have been “just about to win that war” for just over ten years now.  This was clearly a staged event.  Ask yourself, why would the Taliban step up attacks that could cause a change in policy right when the United States is on the verge of leaving?

Of course the reporting by Rivera put forth the notion that the attacks might have originated from the Pakistani side of the border.

The industrial war complex is the business of war.  Its human components profit from murder and mayhem.  It is kind of like what they are doing in the United States now.  The corporate money machine is at present being threatened by the Ron Paul
Revolution, which if successful, would spell the end to many unconstitutional agencies that procure hundreds of billions of dollars for the corporate elite every year.  And now we are seeing the corporate propaganda being focused toward controversy in an effort to maintain the status quo by diversifying the American people and turning us against one another.

Indeed, the industrial war complex is employing the same tactics to maintain their never-ending wars on America’s invisible enemy, the illusive Taliban and Al Qaeda, who can pop up anywhere at any moment like they have in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and even our own White House, when they need to get further marching orders from their Zionist controllers in our government.  They are like a spoiled child, who, in spite of already having everything, wants ten more toys, not caring if the rest of the family goes hungry in paying for them.

Of course John McCain, who is also pushing for invasions into Syria and Iran, will not address Russia’s threat of military intervention to protect their interests in the Middle East, because in reality a third world war is exactly what he and his Zionist masters want.  You see they believe that an ultimate blood sacrifice will provide them with the ultimate reward, which is absolute dominance and control over this planet and its resources.  They have no problem destroying all non-Zionist life, as it is their belief that their God put us Goyim here to be sacrificed to him like the sheep they believe us to be.

May God have reserved an especially hot little corner of hell for the John McCains and the Zionists they serve.

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