After Student is Suspended and Arrested for Wearing NRA “Protect Your Rights” Shirt,100 Students Wear Shirt to School

nra protect your rightsRight Wing News – by John Hawkins

When Jared Marcum was suspended from school and arrested for wearing a NRA “Protect Your Rights” t-shirt, it drew national attention. Afterwards, the liberal bullies at Logan County Schools who thought they could get away with picking on a 14 year old kid started to become a lot more reasonable.  

It didn’t hurt that a video turned up that showed a teacher yelling at Jared for refusing to turn his shirt inside out, while his fellow students were chanting his name in support.

Although the petulant school did not apologize or talk to Jared’s father, his suspension turned out to only be a day long.

The Marcum family, their lawyer Ben White and the gun rights group Sons of the Second Amendment didn’t just meekly accept the school’s non-apology.

Jared Marcum returned to school wearing the SAME SHIRT. Moreover, he was joined by 100 other students wearing NRA “Protect Your Rights” shirts that were provided by Sons of the Second Amendment. None of them were suspended or arrested for wearing the shirts.

Additionally, although the charges against Jared Marcum have not been dropped, his lawyer said that, “My sense is that no charges will be imminent.”

Over the long haul, this may turn out to be a good thing. Jared Marcum learned the importance of standing up for himself, 100 students stepped up to the plate to support the 1st and 2nd Amendment and the bullies at Logan County Schools got an education in the importance of the First and Second Amendment that they apparently needed very badly. Freedom wins, political correctness loses. That’s just how it’s supposed to be.


31 thoughts on “After Student is Suspended and Arrested for Wearing NRA “Protect Your Rights” Shirt,100 Students Wear Shirt to School

    1. IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME,the only thing terrorist and NAZI’S understand is a piece of rope around their neck ,sure they backed off this time ,but what did it teach them,NOTHING and thats the problem,THESE ANIMALS don’t stop till their stopped,the police gangs took an OATH,what about them? better get lots of ammo,your going to need it cause this ain’t over yet……………………………………….

      1. The important thing here wasn’t teaching the Marxists a lesson. Their brains have become far too mushy for such things.

        What’s important with this event was that those kids learned their self appointed indoctrination masters can be resisted and defeated.

        Some say this generation is lost, and many are, but looking at my 17 year old son and his friends I see a generation preparing to set things straight.

  1. A big +1 to every kid that wore a tshirt.

    Now get a haircut you hippie! (just kidding)

    Seriously, get a haircut.

    Some days I miss my hair 🙁

    1. NEVER!
      I may be going bald and what’s left is turning white, but keep yer scissors to yourself. 🙂

      1. …I just got to the point of shaving my hair…you know at home..with an electric trimmer….I shave it down just enough so you can clearly see all the scars on my head…especially the 19 staple gash to my brain I took a few years ago driving off a cliff…even Doctors look at it and go gee..what happened there..? Ha!


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

        1. LOL! The last time I saw a doctor I was asked the same thing!
          I do remember the original Dr. asking me if I was concerned about the scar. He was going to take the time and do some fancy sewing and I told to just staple me back together! He did such a nice job stitching up my forehead that scar is virtually invisible. But that 13 staple scar on the top is very visible. I don’t have to buzz my head to show that one, there ain’t no hair there anymore!

    2. ATOUK,your a good example of stupid in america and the failure of everything can be laided at the feet of morons like you…………………..

      1. WTF? Arizona, you are new here so I’m going to give you a pass on this one. Spend a day or two here before ripping peoples heads off!
        As I said, I’m giving a newbie a pass here but I really want to rip you a new bung hole!

        1. Wrong, rhumstruck. This clown is far from new here. All he’s done is to drop his posting name from all capital letters (what’s that tell you? strawman?) to lower case. But his style hasn’t changed one bit. He’s an unmitigated moron, and should know better than to even post here again, considering the reaming he got from us a while back. I’m posting a link to that article, check out his comments, then check the replies to him.

          And he thought I wasn’t paying attention, or notice when he’s posting here again.


          1. I forgot him, but I remember this!

            # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            November 17, 2012 at 11:36 am

            Kansas Ranger: Don’t waste your time. This clown’s been made.

      2. I love it when people are so specific in their indignation there can be no confusion on exactly how to respond. I thank your for your concise and clear feedback and will use every effort to try to not make the same mistake(s) again. And do let me apologise for the failure of everything.

        Of course, someone that uses a word such as “laided” is someone to be reckoned with.

        1. Arizona huh, stupid enough to keep John McCain in office or is that just your name this morning. You can take your shit and shovel it elsewhere and changing your name again won’t spare you. Good one trashing yourself to try and sneak under the radar Atouk.



  2. I wonder if this is yet another sign that an Awakening is taking place. Sometimes we look at our youth and think all they care about is texting and video games. This disproves that idea. This is a lesson these young people will carry with them forever. And I hope they continue to learn and educate others. I give these fine young men and women an A+++.

  3. Good for the kids for standing up for their rights. Now they’re going to arrest us for wearing shirts like that?. Fear never works for long. Some one will always step up to the plate and challenge that. It’s human nature.

    1. YEA THESE kids don’t need parents,besides their parents are nothing but cowards anyway,I noticed no one had a problem with the tenth grade teachers strip searching the kids,when a cell phone was missing ,hell VIOLATING the rights of the kids is OK these days,and the police gangs are slowly working their way to a total dictatorship,and their won’t be any resistance,the kids are being trained to give in……and the people who the kids thought would protect them are at home hiding in the closet…………………………………….

      1. Arizona, apPARENTly you did not take time to watch this young mans first video the day after he was attacked by gunpussiesIF YOU HAD INSTEAD OF RUNNING YOUR CAKESUCKER you would have noticed this boys FATHER on video stating his SUPPORT FOR HIS CHILD,dont lay your short comings and failures on others.I live in the state of W VA and it takes more than JAW JACKING to survive here,we are so uncivilized a mouth runner still gets his jaw lopped back here,I would like to see you in a face to face with Jared’s Dad telling him his short comings as it would find you laid out quick.

        1. Steve, refer to the above reply I made to rhumstruck for the lowdown on this lowlife troll. It may clear up any questions you may have.

  4. My sense is Jared will have this whole sordid affair noted in his permanent govt file for future reference. Look for IRS audits for the rest of his life. Let no good deed go unpunished.

    1. I wish I could say thats all that will happen to this kid,BUT the truth be known,the police gangs will kill him someday,cause he wasn’t afraid,and thats not politically correct,therefore its OK with the cowards who run america to execute him,and every person in his home town will agree it had to be done,THIS COUNTRY IS OVER,cowards never have their shit very long before someone who ain’t a coward takes what they have…………………..

      1. 100 fkn schoolkids STOOD UP YOU NEGATIVE SPEWING MORON Who let you in here,NO NEGATIVE WAVES MORIARITY(oddball-kellys heros) 100 schoolkids are gonna be murdered? I think more likely ONE DUMB ASSED SCHOOL PRINCIPLE WILL BE FIRED and then another 100 schoolkids will wake up another 100 schoolkids who will wake up another 100 untill the WHOLE FKN SCHOOL IS AWAKE and goes to wake up 100 MORE SCHOOLs and then negative prix like you arizona will want to benefit from the efforts of the free but we will REMEMBER WHO THE COWARDS WERE so good luck living with the results of your apathy and negative defeatist mentality,now go as it has no place around here.

        1. “NO NEGATIVE WAVES MORIARITY(oddball-kellys heros)”
          Donnie Sutherland’s best performance in my book! Thanks for the reminder Steve!

          1. Hey Rhums,It was on this past weekend,they were having a Clint Eastwood Marathon followed by Matlock marathon so a day wasted with watching past memories. Who is this insane mcain sounding arizona guy? Must be the nuke fallout infects/affects all of arizona.

      2. Good Lord Arizona…are you in withdrawal? I can’t remember the last time I saw someone so completely negative. Did you have a tough chidhood? Middle child? What? I don’t speak for everyone here…just myself, but if you can’t express yourself without being a contrary, negative jagoff…go back to Alex Jones and revel in your self-loathing there. You’ll be welcomed back with open arms. If you insist on commenting here please at least ACT like you’re an adult. ’nuff said?

    1. Short of being seen in a voting booth having sex with a student while voting for a republican, the teacher’s union and tenure would protect her.

      And she’d still get a pass on the sex thing.

  5. What is important is that we ALL learn a lesson from these kids. Yes they will remember this the rest of their life. And hopefully this lesson will spread to other kids at other schools. What about the adults? The kids will do fine, but it is the adults that run things right now. That’s the scary part. And just for the record – Real Arizonans gave up on McCain when he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Also, anyone that hides behind the name of their state and lays down depressing, negative BS is probably a shill anyways. Don’t give them the attention they’re looking for. Ignore them.

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