Aftermath of the western edge of the Bootleg Fire

The Bootleg fire is currently at 408,930 acres with 46% containment.

Yesterday, we took a ride through about twenty miles of the western edge of the already burned part of the fire.  Here are a few pictures we took along the way.  This is just a teeny tiny portion of the fire and it is still getting bigger.

The first thing we saw was a burned out tree snipper.

We then saw the National Guard blocking the northern portion of Ivory Pine Road which was still in the Level 3 Evacuation Zone.

So we hit another side road going west and here is what we saw.

Here is what the Sycan River looks like.

Here is how the forest used to look.


9 thoughts on “Aftermath of the western edge of the Bootleg Fire

  1. Amazing pics, Henry. And so sad and infuriating. Almost a metaphor for how they’re killing us and all life. But their death-blows makes us fight harder. Hope you guys are ever free of the flames.


  2. I’ve seen plenty of burned trees out here and I cry about it…but that pix of those deer is so sad for their forage is gone. Be safe and blessed, Henry and Laura!

  3. We will be focked as well it is so dry here forest eveywhere no rain since middle of June. no rain in the forecasts. Hope your safe Henry & Family.

      1. Buy their f@cking shit and help them dehydrate the planet while these mother f@ckers want to own the whole water supply wheres the next rubbing there hands…………

  4. A good place to dump all our problems right now, throw them all in that lake of fire
    Sacrifice all the liars and traitors

    I’m trying to find the positives here

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