One thought on “Agenda 21 & Fema Camps 2013- Depopulation Plans In America

  1. Agenda 21 has been fought here, in the
    Palmetto State, for well over twenty years.
    During the last 12 years, land between Columbia,
    S.C. and the coast, land confiscations have occurred
    in many ways.
    When the land owner doesn’t pay up, or changes the
    use of THEIR land to fit the UN plans. The land is
    re-zoned so as to eliminate the land owners ability to
    use THEIR own land as they intend. Once the land is sold,
    for the OWNERS have to sell, cause they can no longer
    afford to keep land they are unable to use. (For the land
    taxes are increased when the land is re-zoned.)
    Once the land goes up for sale, the UN cronies buy up
    said land. Then almost a quickly, the land is then re-zoned
    again. Then the land is developed by their LAND SHARKS.
    Land owners, not more than ten miles from where I write,
    Can no longer WATER THEIR cattle off THEIR own
    creaks and streams. Which by the way, they’ve done for
    Unscrupulous developers have started to build Green
    neighborhoods. Where the entire community is in walking
    distance of neighborhood services….library, post office,
    day care, etc. The homes are with-in coughing distance
    of each other. No one is permitted to have anything on
    their property which is unable to be stored away in their
    garage. Which by the way is so small, one is unable to
    open the vehicles doors, after pulling inside.
    Garages which I’ve re-named “car closets”.
    The only good thing about this purposely depressed
    economy is. that these green neighborhoods will not
    be completed. For the building has stopped…no one
    can afford to build. And as the mask is being pulled
    which exposes the nefarious and evil agenda behind
    A 21. These neighborhoods are quickly turning in to
    Bankruptcy Acres…
    which in it’s self, causes new concerns.
    These corrupt and marxist agendas, and their minions,
    MUST be stopped, and BOOTED out of AMERICA ……
    FOR EVER ! Those who refuse to leave …well …..
    the people of this Republic will deal with that.

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